Favorites and Bookmarks
Keith Larson

To bookmark a site is to add its URL (Web address) to a list that your browser saves.  After you mark a page as one of your favorites, its name appears in a special menu inside your browser.  Netscape Navigator calls this menu Bookmarks, and Internet Explorer calls it Favorites.  When you select the site's name from this bookmarks/favorites menu, your browser automatically finds and displays the page.

Each page in the SOSSI website has a script at the bottom to support adding the page to your Internet Explorer Favorites Folder.  Visitors using Netscape or other browsers are instructed to use CTRL-D.  When you add a page from the SOSSI website to your Favorites Folder, you also add a unique SOSSI FAVICON.

There are several ways to add Web sites to your Netscape Navigator bookmarks or Microsoft Internet Explorer favorites list:

Bookmarking a visited page
Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer may use different names for your list of favorite pages, but the process of adding the current page is almost identical.

  1. Go to the site you want to add to your bookmarks or favorites list.
  2. Press CTRL-D (Windows) or Command-D (Macintosh) to save the page's URL.  Navigator users can also click the Bookmarks menu and select Add Bookmark.  Internet Explorer users can click Favorites and select Add to Favorites.

Bookmarking a link (without visiting the page)
You can also bookmark pages without visiting them.  To do this, you must find a link that points to the page you want to bookmark.

  1. Right-click (Windows) or click and hold the link you want to bookmark.  This opens a pop-up window containing several options.
  2. If you use Netscape Navigator, bookmark the link by choosing Add Bookmark (Windows) or Add Bookmark for this Link (Macintosh) from the pop-up menu.
  3. If you use Internet Explorer, bookmark the link by choosing Add to Favorites (Windows) or Add Link to Favorites (Macintosh) from the pop-up menu.

Manually entering new bookmarks and favorites
Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer for Macintosh let you manually add the locations of new bookmarks and favorites.  Follow the directions for your browser.