Scout and Guide Issues 2014

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Scouts on Stamps of the World Catalog [1900-1985]

Collectors face the challenge of separating the legitimate postal issues from the illegal, exploitive and/or non-postal offerings.  SOSSI has attempted to categorize the various stamp issues according to the IFSCO's (International Federation of Scout and Guide Stamp Collecting Organizations) Classifications of Boy Scout & Girl Scout new postage stamps and postal stationery issues.  We use information from UPU's World Association for the Development of Philately (WADP) Numbering System - (WNS) and catalogues such as Scotts and Michel.  It is ultimately the responsibility of the collector to decide what to add to their collection.


100 years Scouts of Colombia 1913 - 2013
Date of issue: 22 November 2014
Single in sheets of 9 (quantity - 120,006) by offset printing by Cartor Security Printing
Designer: Juan Camilo Hoyos; Diagrammer: Monica Vargas Moore
Text information for the bulletin provided by Jorge Enrique Rivero Ortiz, Presidente Consejo Scout Nacional and Diego Ospina Duque.
Value of each stamp: 3.000 pesos
Stamp || Sheet || FDC || Bulletin

HRH Princess Benedikte's 70th Birthday
Issue date: 29 April 2014
Single self adhesive stamp issued in strip of 5 stamps with a surcharge for the 70th birthday of HRH Princess Benedikte on her 70th birthday.  She is patroness of Danish Guides and Scouts and is shown in Scout uniform with Guides and Scouts.  The surcharge will be distributed between the Danish Guide and Scout Association, the KFUM Scouts of Denmark, the Green Girl Guides of Denmark and Danish Scout Association of Southern Schleswig.  The photo for the stamp was taken by Carsten Andersen with design by Post Danmark Stamps and printing by offset.  Value of each stamp- 9.00 krone
The portrait on the first day cover was drawn by German engraver Wolfgang Mauer based on the latest official portrait of the princess taken by Christina Hauschildt.
Stamp || Strip || Strip backing || FDC

Centenary of the Scout Movement of the Dominican Republic
Issue Date: 3 December 2014
Single for the Centenary of the Scout Movement.  Dominican Republic Scout badge and image of Baden-Powell with one of B-P's favorite sayings in fine print, "The Scout leaves the world better than how he found it."  The view in the background is of a bronze bust of Juan Pablo Duarte next to a flag pole with the Dominican flag.  Sr. Duarte was one of the founding fathers of the Dominican Republic.
Value: 20 pesos
Stamp || FDC

Egypt Scout Centenary 1914-2014
Issue date: 15 October 2014
Single for Centenary of Egyptian Scouting featuring "100," pyramids and Scout badge.
Value: LE 1.25
Stamp || FDC

Gibraltar Sea Scouts Centenary 1914 - 2014
Issue date: 13 September 2014
Set of 2 stamps printed in sheets of 8 stamps.  The 64p stamp shows close-up of some band members while the 40p stamp shows the entire Sea Scout band.
Illustrator/photographer and designer - Stephen Perera; Printer - Cartor Security Printers
Stamps || 40p Sheet || 64p Sheet || FDC

40th Anniversary of the Founding of Associazione Guide & Scouts Cattolici Italiani
Issue date: 7 August 2014
Single printed in sheets of 28 issued for the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Italian Catholic Guides and Scouts Association (AGESCI).  Value - 0.70 euro
Designer: Anna Maria Maresca; Printer: IPZS
Stamp || FDC

60TH Anniversary of Founding of Libyan Scouts
Issue date: 27 February 2014
Pair of stamps, both with Libyan Scout badge; 500 dinar value depicting Scouts while the 1000 dinar value depicts Ali Khalefa Zaidi, former Chief Commissioner of Libya Public Scout and Guide Movement who was awarded Bronze Wolf in 1966.
Stamps || FDC

UNICEF International Children's Day
Issue date: 20 November 2014
Set of 3 stamps for UNICEF International Children's Day (One stamp depicting saluting Scout in front of a tent - 250 dinar; a second stamp depicting what appears to be a Scout with butterflies in his hands - 1000 dinar.
Stamps || Sheet || FDC

2014 Commemorative Series of Anniversaries
Issue date: 11 March 2014
Set of three stamps for the following anniversaries:
100th anniversary of Scouting in Luxembourg
50th anniversary of Sports League of Primary Schools
50th anniversary of Lique HMC (organization conducting workshops for disabled)
Printed 10 per sheet in multicolored high resolution offset Bpost Stamps Factory Malines
Values: 0.60 euro each stamp
Stamps || Sheet || FDC

Grand Opening of World Scout Bureau, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Issue date: 18 June 2014
Set of three stamps for the grand opening of the offices of the World Scout Bureau (WSB) on 18 June 2014 in the Sentral Vista building in Brickfield, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  The WSB had been located in Geneva, Switzerland from 1968.  The 30 sen stamp depicts an external view of the offices on the 17th floor.  The 50 sen stamp shows a stylized fleur-de-lis to be formed by attendees for the opening.  The 60 sen stamp shows the Sentral building on the left of the skyline of Kuala Lumpur.
Printed in sheets of 20 by Percetakan Keselamatan Nasional Sdn Bhd
Stamps || 30 sen Sheet || 50 sen Sheet || 60 sen Sheet || FDC || Bulletin

Nepal Scouts Diamond Jubilee
Issue date: 9 October 2014
Single stamp celebrating the Diamond Jubilee of Scouting in Nepal.
Value: 30 Rs.
Stamp || FDC

14TH National Scout Jamboree at Khairpur
Issue date: 23 December 2014
PEACE stamp with dove issued in sheets of 16 for the 2nd SAANSO and 14th National Scout Jamboree held at Naaz High School, Khairpur Mirs, Sindh from 16 - 23 December 2014.  Value: 8 Rs.
Designer: Adil Salahuddin; Printer: Pakistan Security Printing Corporation Karachi
Stamp || Sheet || FDC || Bulletin

Centenary of Scout Movement of Panama 1914 - 2014
Issue date: 2014
A se tenant pair of Panama stamps issued on 7 September 2000 for the 85th anniversary of the panama Canal (in 1999) were overprinted in 2014 commemorating two events - the stamp showing Canal builders and a crane on train trestle was overprinted and surcharged for the Panama Canal 100 Years of Service to Humanity while the stamp showing partially built structures and construction equipment was overprinted and surcharged for the "Centenario Movimiento Scout De Panama 1914 - 2014."

100 years of Scouting in the Philippines 1914 - 2014
Issue date: 30 August 2014
Set of two se tenant stamps plus SS issued for the 100th anniversary of Scouts in the Philippines.  One stamp contains the Scout logo and centennial log and Boy Scout in Action Monument while second stamp in addition to logos shows the facade of the old BSP headquarters as well as the new headquarters building.   SS contains logos, Boy Scout in Action Monument and island map of Philippines.  The new BSP headquarters with Scouts in front is in the selvage.
Designer - Nemesio "NEMI" Mirandi; Layout artist - Victorino Z. Serevo; Printer - Amstar Company, Inc.
Values: se tenant stamps - 10p each; SS - 30p
Stamps || FDC || SS || SS FDC

100th Anniversary of St. Helena Brownies
Issue date: 15 October 2014
MS of 5 for the Big Brownie Birthday (100m years) on St. Helena.  The 25p center stamp has the logo with "Celebrate 100 Years."  The 40p stamp shows the Jamestown Brownies 1970, the 60 p stamp shows Pat Benjamin presenting a bouquet to Princess Margaret during the visit of King George VI and his family in April 1947, the 70 p stamp pictures the Brownie Pack 1960 and the 1 Pound stamp pictures the Brownie Pack gathered for Girl Guide Thinking Day.

Commemorating 40th World Scout Conference and 12th World Scout Youth Forum
Issue date: 30 May 2014
Single stamp issued in sheet of 6 with three labels as gutters.
Stamp with cartoon type characters representing Scout activities including canoeing.  Issued for the upcoming 12th World Scout Youth Forum to be held at Rogla, Slovenia, on 4 - 7 August 2014, and the 40th World Scout Conference to be held at the Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre on 11 - 14 August 2014.  Sheets were printed by Postovni tiskarna cenin Praha a s.  Value - 0.77 Euro per stamp.
Stamp || FDC || Sheet

Australian Scouts
Issue date: 3 March 2014
MS of 4 and SS (perf & imperf) recognizing Australian Scouts.  Each stamp includes a small Australian Scout badge.  Two stamp in MS depict Baden-Powell and two have Scouts.  SS has Scout with Scout sign with big campfire in selvage.
Values: Each stamp in MS - $7.00; SS - $35.00
MS || MS FDC || SS || SS FDC

Honoring Juliette Gordon Low and Robert Baden-Powell
Issue Date: 20 November 2014
MS of 4 and SS (perf & imperf).  Issue jointly honors Lord Robert Baden-Powell, founder of World Scouting in 1907, and Juliette Gordon Low, Founder of the Girl Scouts of the USA in 1912.  The lantern in the selvage is symbol for "leading the way" as these two individuals did.  The MS depicts B-P in one stamp and Scouts in second while Mrs. Low is shown in one stamp and with Girl Scout in another.  The SS has Scouts with knot-tying in the stamp and Juliette Gordon Low and Girl Scout logo in selvage.
Values: Each stamp in MS - $7,00; SS - $35.00
MS || MS FDC || SS || SS FDC


The Great War 100 Years Part One - Participation
Issue date: 4 August 2014
SS depicting large recruiting poster for World War I published by the Parliamentary Recruiting Committee in London, printed by Johnson, Riddle &n Co., Ltd., London SS early in WWI.  Poster was designed by Sir Robert Stephenson Baden-Powell.  The theme of the poster is, "Are YOU in This?"
Design includes a soldier in khaki holding a rifle, Boy Scout carrying a box and note, sailor in blue manning a large gun, worker bearing a sledge hammer, a woman working on rows of bullets on a table, and an idle-looking man, hands in pocket, smoking a cigarette.
SS was part of a set of 6 stamps, MS and the SS.  Value - 1 Pound

Sheikh Abdullah Al Jabir Al Sabah, World Figure in Culture and Education.  UNESCO 2014 -2015
Issue date: 5 November 2014
Minisheet of 10 featuring the Sheikh with several stamps showing the Sheikh with different cultural and educational visits in Kuwait.  The bottom left shows him with a group of Girl Guides.


Lions Club International/Scouts
Issue date: 10 November 2014
Two SSs, horizontal MS of 2 and vertical MS of 2 (perf & imperf).  One stamp shows Scouts helping fight famine and doing reforestation in second stamp.  Melvyn Jones (1873 - 1961), founder of Lions Club International in 1917 and secretary-general of Lions from 1917 - 1961 is shown in selvage of vertical MS of 2.
Values of each stamp: 3090 F
MS Horizontal || MS Vertical || SS 1 || SS 2

Scouts with nature and sports
Issue date: 10 November 2014
Set of 4 MS of 4 with 4 SSs for each MS (perf & imperf) as follows:
Birds and insects (birds - 3970 F; insects - 3190 F)
MS || Birds SS 1 || Birds SS 2 || Insects SS 1 || Insects SS 2
Minerals and butterflies (minerals - 3770 F; butterflies - 3970 F)
MS || Minerals SS 1 || Minerals SS 2 || Butterflies SS 1 || Butterflies SS 2
Mushrooms, pangolin and orchid (mushrooms - 4325 F; others - 2025 F)
MS || Mushrooms SS 1 || Mushrooms SS 2 || Pangolin SS || Orchids SS
Chess, volley ball and ping pong (chess - 4640 F; sports - 4440 F)
MS || Chess SS 1 || Chess SS 2 || Volley Ball SS || Ping Pong SS
Two additional SSs (perf & imperf) - one birds (8000 F) and one mushrooms (8500 F)
Birds SS || Mushrooms SS

Scouts and Mushrooms
Issue date: 20 June 2014
MS of 4 and SS (perf & imperf).  Scouts shown with various types of mushrooms.
World Scout badge on each stamp and SS.  Values; each stamp in MS - 900 F; SS - 3000 F
MS || MS FDC || SS || SS FDC

Scouting activities
Issue date: 10 October 2014
MS of 3 and SS (perf & imperf).Scout activities shown on MS while Baden-Powell is on SS flanked by Scout signaling and one with binoculars.  World Scout badge is prominent on MS and SS.
Values: Each stamp in MS - 300 F; SS - 1200 F
MS || MS FDC || SS || SS FDC

Honoring Scouting
Issue date: 27 October 2013
MS of 4 and SS (perf & imperf).  MS depicts Girl Scout and Boy Scout along with two images of Baden-Powell.  SS depicts Baden-Powell.
Values; Two stamps in MS - 10000 FG, two stamps - 15000 FG; SS - 40000 FG
MS || SS

Honoring Scouting
Issue date: 12 December 2014
MS of 4 (perf & imperf).  All four stamps depict a compass in upper right of stamp.  One stamp shows Scout and an image of the 1971 Ajman stamp showing Baden-Powell.  The other three stamps show items of Scouting equipment such as boots, bed roll, back pack, binoculars, tent, etc.
Values: Each stamp in MS - 750 FCFA

Honoring Scouting
Issue date: 10 September 2013
MS of 4 and SS (perf & imperf).  Stamps in MS feature Baden-Powell, square knot, Scout hat, and Scout equipment against background of campfire.  SS features Baden-Powell against background of Scouting equipment.  Values: Each stamp in MS - 825 F; SS - 3000 F
MS || SS

Overprints on Provisional Stamps
Issue date: 2014
In 2014-5 Papua New Guinea issued 23 provisional stamps for local postal use only.  These stamps were overprinted in denominations of K1.30 to K90 with 1250 stamps printed of the K1.30 denomination and 500 of each denomination from K15 to K90.  Two 2010 World Girl Guide stamps were overprinted.  The K4.65 value stamp was overprinted and surcharged K40 and the K6.30 stamp to K90.
K40 Surcharge || K90 Surcharge

Honoring Scouting
Day of issue: 15 October 2014
MS of 4 and SS (perf & imperf).  Three stamps in MS depict Scout activities and ons stamp Baden-Powell and Scout saluting.  SS has Scout bugler on stamp with Baden-Powell and the Scout saluting in the selvage.  Values: Each stamp in MS - 25000 Db; SS - 96000 Db
MS || MS FDC || SS || SS FDC

Honoring The Scouts
Issue Date: 30 June 2014
MS of 4 and SS (perf & imperf).  Stamps in MS include Baden-Powell with kudu horn, Scout bugler and Scout saluting (with left hand!), Scout with Scout sign and Scouts camping.  SS has bugler and Scout saluting with B-P in selvage.  Values: Each stamp in MS - 750 F; SS - 2500 F
MS || MS FDC || SS || SS FDC


The Centennial of Palestinian Scouts
Issue date: 7 May 2014
Set of 3 stamps issued in sheets of 10 and a SS by the State of Palestine for the Centennial of Palestinian Scouts.  Stamps show the Scout movement logo.  The SS features the Palestinian Scout badge with cameos of Scout activities.  Values of stamps- 120, 480 and 720 mils; SS - 1500 mils.
Designer: Anas Maraga.  Printer: Oriental Security Printing Solution, Bahrain with 20,000 stamps and 2000 SSs printed.
Stamps || FDC || 120 mils Sheet || 480 mils Sheet || 720 mils Sheet || SS || SS FDC

a. Personalized "P" Stamps

Stamp for WURZL '14, an International Jamboree of Salzburg Boy Scouts and Guides held at Bad Hofgastein from 3 - 13 August 2014.

Stamp prepared in 2014 by a Scout as a way to raise money to pay for his trip to the 23rd World Jamboree in 2015 in Japan.  Note image of Scout against background of Japanese flag.

Lanterns signifying the Light of Bethlehem were printed in the gutters of a self adhesive sheet of 8 Christmas stamps issued on 14 November 2014.  Scout emblems and words "Slovensky Skauting" were printed at the bottom right of the sheet.  Evidently this may have been a fund raiser for the Scouts.

Sri Lanka
Three different tabs ("P" stamps) on special cover for Scout Centenary of First Galle Mahinda Group, Galle District & Southern Province.  One tab shows F. G Pearce, a founder and Scout master and a second, F. G. Stevens, a founder and Scout Commissioner, and both men are on third tab.  Stamps canceled with first day of issue (22 October 2014) Scout cancel at Galle, Camp Post Office.