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Collectors face the challenge of separating the legitimate postal issues from the illegal, exploitive and/or non-postal offerings.  SOSSI has attempted to categorize the various stamp issues according to the IFSCO's (International Federation of Scout and Guide Stamp Collecting Organizations) Classifications of Boy Scout & Girl Scout new postage stamps and postal stationery issues.  We use information from UPU's World Association for the Development of Philately (WADP) Numbering System - (WNS) and catalogues such as Scotts and Michel.  It is ultimately the responsibility of the collector to decide what to add to their collection.

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Norman Rockwell (1894 - 1978)
Issue date: 22 August 2017
A set of 3 MSs of 5 issued featuring Norman Rockwell paintings.  One MS of 5
Included two Scout related paintings (The Scoutmaster [1956] and We Too Have a Job to Do [1944]).  The other paintings in this sheet are The Problem We All Have (1964), They Remembered Me (1917) and The Runaway (1958).  Rockwell was an American artist and illustrator noted for his life-long connection
with Boy Scouts of America and Saturday Evening Post covers.
Value of 4 stamps - $4 each, center stamp - $10

Azerbaijan 2017 41st World Scout Conference & 13th World Scout Youth Forum
Issue date: 14 August 2017
Set of 2 (perf & imperf): one for the Scout Conference and one for the Youth Forum.  Value - 0.2 Euro each
Printed in Sheets of 10 (5 pairs)
Designer: Kh. Mirzoyev
Stamps || FDC || Sheet

11th National Rover Moot
Issue date: 26 January 2017
Single printed in sheet of 160 for 11th National Rover Moot ON 25 - 31 January 2017 at Gopalgonj, Bangladesh.  Design features Scout badge and dove of peace.  Value - 10 Tk.
Designer: Sanjiv Kanti Das; printer: The Security Printing Corporation (BD) Ltd., Gazipur
Stamp || FDC || Bulletin

Issue date: 29 December 2017
Single issued for JAMCAM 2017, the 15th Interamerican Scout Jamboree and 2nd Interamerican Camporee held from 27 December 2017 - 2 January 2018 at Park "Los Samanes", Quayaquil, Ecuador.
Design includes the JAMCAM logo and Scouts in circle in front of campsite. Value - 5.00 USD
Printed in sheets of 100 by Instituto Geografico Militur
Stamp || FDC

Honoring founding of Cub Scouts in India
Issue date: 30 March 2017
Single showing Cub Scouts meeting and badge for 100th anniversary of Cub Scouting in India and abroad.  Value - 500 paises; 310,590 stamps printed by wet offset process by Security Printing Press.
Stamp || FDC

Centenary of Scouting in Namibia 1917 - 2017
Issue date: 17 February 2017
SS features Boy and Girl Scout with badge.  Value - Standard Mail rate
Designer: Helge Denke; 10,000 SSs printed by Lowe Martin Ltd.

Romanian Scouts, National Jamboree ROJAM 2017
Issue date: 4 August 2017
Set of 4 printed in 4 sheets of 5 stamps each and one label, ROJAM 2017 on each stamp for the Sixth Romanian Scouts National Jamboree held at Cristian, Brasov, Romania.  Themes of stamps are view of Cristian, large campsite for A Global Movement, Leader and Scouts - Creating a Better World, and a Scout saluting - Be Prepared (Scout Motto).  The ROJAM logo is on all stamps and a label in each sheet.
Designer: Radu Stinghe; Printer: Fabrica de timbre
Values of stamps in 4 sheets - 2.20 Lei, 3.50 Lei, 8 Lei, 15 Lei
Set of 4 || FDC || 2.20 Lei Sheet || 3.50 Lei Sheet || 8 Lei Sheet || 15 Lei Sheet

100th Anniversary of Girl Guiding in Singapore, 50th Anniversary of Outward Bound Singapore (OBS), Lions Clubs International Centennial
Issue date: 17 February 2017
A sheetlet of 10 stamps for each anniversary. Value - 1st local, 70c, $1.30
The Girl Guide stamp depicts a girls in uniform with a Girl Guide flag.
Designer: Alynn Teo; Printed by offset lithography by Secura Singapore Pte Ltd.
Stamps || FDC || Sheet

110th Anniversary of Scouts Movement
Issue date: 7 December 2017
MS of 4 and SS (perf & imperf) commemorating 110th anniversary of the Scout movement.  The MS has stamps for B-P and Olave and Scout activities including Scouts with World Scout flag.  SS depicts Scouts with World Scout flag and B-P, fleur de lis, and Brownsea Island in selvage.  Values of each stamp in MS - $10.00; SS - $40.00
MS || MS FDC || SS || SS FDC

Centenary of Sri Lanka Girl Guides
Issue date: 21 March 2017
Single printed in sheets of 20: three Girl Guides. Value - 15.00 LKR
Three Girl Guides planting a tree. Girl Guiding was introduced to Ceylon (former name of Sri Lanka) by Miss jenny Calverly at the Girls' High School in Kandy in March 2017.
Designer: Mr. P. IsuruChaturanga, First day cover designer: Ms. Wathmi de Zoysa
Printer: Department of Government Printing
Stamp || FDC || Sheet


Bolivian Philatelic Personalities
Issue date: 18 October, 2017
SS issued to commemorate two Bolivian Philatelic Personalities, Sr. Jose Barrientos and Sra. Martha V. de Peredo.  Above & to right of Sr. Barrientos' head is partial image of 1994 Bolivian Scout stamp, "Jamboree americano."  Value - 2.00 Bs.

Honoring Anne Morgan, philanthropist and humanitarian
Issue date: 27 Feb 2017
Single honoring Anne Tracy Morgan (1873 - 1952), American philanthropist and humanitarian who provided relief efforts and aid to war-torn areas of France during and after WWI.  She was instrumental in restoring Scouting to these areas after the war.
Designer: Claude Jumelet, issued by La Poste; 900,000 printed by Phil@Poste Boulezac in sheets of 48
Value: 0.85 euro

Jean-Baptiste Charcot 1867 - 1936
Issue date: 24 April 2017
Single stamp issued for 150th birthday of Charcot, French scientist, medical doctor an polar explorer, with ship, penguin and gull.  Value - 1.3 Euro.  Charcot was one of founders of Eclaireurs de France in 1911 and was their president (1911 - 1925).
SS in folder: same stamp with ship, ice berg and penguins in margin. Value - 1.3 Euro
Stamp || FDC || Maximum Card || SS || SS folder

Environmental Care
Issue date: 5 June 2017
SS (perf & imperf) in Indonesian environmental series pictures what appears to be a Boy Scout and Girl Scout planting a tree.  Value: 10000 (R)

150th Anniversary of birth of Mariusza Zaruskiego (1867 - 1917)
Issue date: 31 January 2017
Stamp issued in sheets of 9.  Mariusza Zariuskiego served in Cavalry in and after World War I and retired as a Brigadier General.  He was a pioneer in Polish sports yachting and a noted mountain climber and rescuer.  He was an instructor in seamanship for Sea Scouts in the 1930s and a leader in Scouting for many years.  He was captain of the schooner Zawisza Czarny from 1935 - 1939.  A current yacht owned by Polish Scouts also is named Zawisza Czarny.  He was imprisoned by the Russians in 1939 and died in a prison camp in 1941.  The Polish Boy Scouts arranged to have his ashes returned to Poland in 1991 and buried at Zakopane.
Stamp || Sheet || FDC

60th Anniversary of Visit of HRH Prince Philip 17th January 1957
Issue date: 24 January 2017
3 se tenant pairs printed in sheets of 5 pairs (One stamp includes Pamela Glass in Girl Guide uniform).  Value of each stamp - 50p
SS: Same 3 se tenant pairs with Welcome to Tristan da Cunha in margin.
Value of each stamp - 50p
3 Pairs || FDC || MS || Sheet


110th Anniversary of Founding of Scout Movement
Issue date: 6 May 2017
MS of 2 and SS (perf & imperf) with B-P and Lady B-P in MS plus Bugler and B-P with World Scout badge in selvage.  Value - 750 F each stamp.  SS has B-P in circular stamp with Scouts in selvage.  SS value - 2000 F
MS || MS FDC || SS || SS FDC

Robert Baden-Powell (1857 - 1941), Founder of Scouting
Issue date: 2017
MS of 3 and SS (Perf & imperf).  The MS and the SS all have identical stamps depicting B-P with Scouts with background of World Scout badge.  The SS also shows three Scouts and B-P blowing kudu horn.
Value of each stamp: 3690 F
MS of 3 || SS

The Scouts
Issue Date: 22 September 2017
MS of 4and SS (perf & imperf).  Scout activities and equipment shown in MS. Value - 900 F each stamp
SS: Elderly unidentified Scout leader with B-P with Kudu horn and Scouts in margin.  Value - 3600 F
MS || MS FDC || SS || SS FDC

110th Anniversary of Scouting
Issue date: 30 January 2017
MS of 4: Scout activities.  Value - 280 FD each stamp.  SS: Scout activities.  960 FD value
World Scout flag in MS and SS.
MS || MS FDC || SS || SS FDC

110th Anniversary of Scouting
Issue date: 9 October 2017
MS of 4 and SS (perf & imperf) to commemorate the 110th anniversary of World Scouting.  Images on MS include B-P and Lady B-P and a couple of Scouts.  The stamp in SS shows fleur de lis and World Scout badge while selvage shows B-P supposedly with 1907 Brownsea Island 1907 at a campfire.  Please note that Scout uniforms were not available at Brownsea Island.  Values of each stamp in MS - 12000 GF; SS - 50000 FG
MS || MS FDC || SS || SS FDC

110th Anniversary of Scouting Movement
Issue date: 28 August 2017
MS of 5 and SS (perf & imperf).  Both MS and SS depict Scouting activities.  Value - 640 FCFA each stamp in MS.  SS - 3300 FCFA
MS || MS FDC || SS || SS FDC

110th Anniversary of World Scout Movement
Issue date: 16 June 2017
MS of 2 and 2 SSs (perf & imperf) featuring Lord and Lady Baden-Powell.  They are together on MS and are depicted separately on SSs.  Value - 1500 F on stamps on both MS and SSs.
MS || MS FDC || B-P SS || B-P SS FDC || Olave SS || Olave SS FDC

160th Anniversary of Birth of B-P
Issue date: 20 February 2017
MS of 4 and SS (perf & imperf).  Varied views (several with Scouts) of B-P are shown on both MS and SS including one on MS with B-P riding his charger, Black Prince.  Value - 900 F each stamp of MS; SS - 3500 F
MS || MS FDC || SS || SS FDC

The Scouts
Issue date: 20 November 2017
MS of 4 and SS (perf & imperf) honoring Scouting.  MS includes images of Olave Baden-Powell, Cub Scouts and archer.  SS includes B-P on stamp and Scouts in selvage.  Value of each stamp in MS - 800 F; SS - 3300 F
MS || MS FDC || SS || SS FDC

110th Anniversary of Scout Movement
Issue date: 13 March 2017
MS of 4 and SS (perf & imperf).  Stamps in the MS include Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge in Girl Guide uniform, two Cub Scouts doing archery, two Girl Scouts, and a Scout with the statue of the ideal Scout, commonly called The Boy Scout, by Canadian sculptor, Robert Taft McKenzie 1867 - 1938.  The statue was in front of the Cradle of Liberty Council building in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from 1937 - 2013.  Value - 31000 Db each stamp in MS.  The SS shows Juliette Gordon Low giving award to Girl Scout and two Scouts in selvage with an early Boy Scouts of America hand book.  SS value - 124000 Db
MS || MS FDC || SS || SS FDC

110th Anniversary of Scout Movement
Issue date: 30 May 2017
Set of 4 MSs of 6 and SS (perf & imperf).  Depicted in each MS are B-P, a Girl Scout, Boy Scout cooking, and Scout with World Scout flag.  Olave Baden-Powell is depicted on stamp in SS and B-P with Brownsea Island marker in selvage.  World Scout badge is on each stamp in MS and SS.  Values of each stamp in MS - 6600 Le; SS - 40000 Le
Stamps || FDC || MS 1 || MS 2 || MS 3 || MS 4 || SS || SS FDC

160th Anniversary of Baden-Powell
Issue date: 30 November 2017
MS of 4 and SS (perf & imperf) for the 160th anniversary of B-P's birth.  Stamps in MS show B-P with stave with English flag, B-P and Scout saluting, Scouts in tug of war and canoeists at campsite.  The SS shows B-P in military uniform with Scout saluting and Scout band members in selvage.
Values of each stamp in MS - 9800 Le; SS - 40000 Le
MS || MS FDC || SS || SS FDC

160th Anniversary of Birth of B-P
Issue date: 5 May 2017
MS of 4 and SS (perf & imperf).  Various views of B-P - in military uniform, in front of English flag, inspecting Scouts and in Indian headdress.  Value - 800 F each stamp.  SS depicts B-P with Kudu horn and Scouts.  Value - 3300 F
MS || MS FDC || SS || SS FDC

IFSCO Class "E"

a. Personalized "P" Stamps

Gerhard Winter, the long-time guildmaster (Chairman) of Osterreichische Pfadvinder Briefmarken Sammler Gilde (OPBSG) in Austria is pictured on a personalized stamp with a ferris wheel in the background.  This stamp was done by a group called Meine Marke Personalized Stamps on Tour.
Mr. G. Winter

Five "P" stamps were issued in conjunction with the Canadian Jamboree CJ'17, held from 8 - 15 July 2017 at Camp Nedooae, Elderbank, Nova Scotia.  One stamp features the Camp Crest and was valid for Domestic "P" rate only.  A second stamp depicts the Camp Mascot "Puffy" and was valid also only for the Domestic rate.  Three additional stamps were issued depicting the CJ'17 logo.  The stamps are identical except for the postal rate.  The three different rates are: Domestic "P" rate valid for mail within Canada only; the U.S.A. rate ($1.20) valid for standard first class mail to the United States; and the International rate ($2.50) valid for standard first class mail internationally.
Camp Crest || Puffy || "P" || $1.20 || $2.50

A set of three "P" stamps were issued for the 50th anniversary of the German Old Scouts and the "Central Guild" celebrated at Sachsenhain near Verden (Bremen area) from 27 - 31 October 2017.  One 70 cent stamp (letter rate) shows the reef (square) knot, the fleur de lis and the years of existence.  The other two stamps, the 45 cent (post card) and 70 cent (letter) show the emblem of the "Central Guild," the international fleur de lis of the Old Scouts and the slogan, "Once a Scout, always a Scout."  The stamps were printed in blocks of 10.  The special cancel is shown on the 45-cent stamp.
Reef Knot || 45c Guild Stamp || 70c Guild Stamp

4 stamps were issued for the 15th World Scout Moot in Iceland at the Ulfljotsvatn Outdoor and Scout Center 70 km from Reykjavik, 25 July - 2 August 2017.  The theme of the Moot was CHANGE, Inspired by Iceland.

Stamp issued for the 28th ISGF-AISG World Conference held at Denpassar, Bali, 9 - 14 October 2017.
ISGF-AISG (International Scout and Guide Fellowship - Amitie Internationale Scoute et Guide) is worldwide organization for adults in support of Scouting and Guiding.

Several "P" stamps were issued in 2017 for the 100th anniversary of Scouting in Latvia.  Two of the stamps depict General Karlis Goppers, founder and president of the Latvian Scout and Guides Central organization.  He was a Latvian Army division commander from 1924 to 1934 when he retired.  After the Soviet Union occupied Latvia in 1940, the NKVD arrested General Goppers on 30 September 1940 and he was shot on 25 March 1941.  Included in the group of stamps is one honoring the Latvian Air Scouts and one for the Sea Scouts plus one on a cover.  Also, an image is shown of one stamp with an "error," the "T" in the vertical "Latvijas" is missing.
100 Years || General Goppers - red || General Goppers - yellow || Air Scout || Sea Scouts || "T" Error || Campfire Cover || cover

On 20 September 2017, a "P" stamp was issued at Torun for 100 years of Scouting in Torun.  The design includes a view of Old Torun, waves of Vistula River and yellow Scout lily (badge).  The cachet on the post card is identical to the stamp.
Post Card