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Second National Jamboree, B.S.A.

( 1950, Valley Forge, PA )

Merin Studios, Philadelphia, Pa.

The Merin Studios produced a series of twelve black and white printed postcards made from photographs of scenes at the Jamboree. On the reverse of the slightly undersized cards is the official Jamboree emblem which implies that the cards were published in cooperation with the B.S.A.

    (  1)     Sign at Main Entrance
    (  2)     Replicas of Log Huts Used by Washington's Troops
    (  3)     New England Gateway
    (  4)     Troop Gateway and Site
    (  5)     Building the Lancaster Co., Pa. Gateway
    (  6)     First Contingent of Scouts to Arrive
    (  7)     Inside One of the Trading Posts
    (  8)     A Gateway in the Form of a Frontier Blockhouse
    (  9)     Robert E. Lee Council Gateway
    (10)     First Train Load of Scouts to Arrive
    (11)     The Midway
    (12)     Logistical Support
    (14)     Comanche Trail Council - Real Photo Postcard
    (15)     Maximum Card
    (16)     Maximum Card
    (17)     Maximum Card

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