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This homepage will try to tell something about the world jamboree Philately, mainly about covers and postcards sent from and to world jamborees to start with the first World Jamboree 1920 England and gradually to go on with other world jamborees.  If you would like to have more information about jamborees or if you want to help me with material for my collection or if you are looking for world jamboree material than please contact me.  I am Fred P. Maarsen and I live in the Netherlands.

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The 1920 World Jamboree

As we all know the first world jamboree took place in London England, in the exhibition halls of Olympia.  An 20 cm. thick layer of earth and peat covered the floors for tents to be pitched.

Less known is the fact that most of the scouts (at peak days about 5.000) stayed at a special Jamboree camp at old deer park camp in Richmond, Surrey, not far from the Olympia Halls in London.

The above letter was sent from the Jamboree camp at Old Deer Park on August the 2nd.  It was sent with one of the first, airmail flights to Holland and arrived on the Island of Terschelling on August the 4th.  On the back is a very clear print of the Jamboree cachet and a jamboree label.

Unfortunately, the (probably) parents of the scout cut out the stamps of the cover, later on the stamps were reunited with the cover.  So far this is the only cover with known with the Old Deer Park cachet on it, all other cachets known are set on postcards.

The Jamboree postoffice was situated in a tent at the Old Deer Park Jamboree camp.  Mail sent from this camp usually received a postmark from Richmond Surrey.

A clear print of the Richmond cancel is shown on the above card, sent to Norway, on August the 4th. at 4.15 pm.  The Jamboree cachet was set on the picture side of the postcard, showing the Tower of London from the river.

The USA contingent left well prepared, all scouts were given a postcard of the ship they sailed on, the s.s. Pocohontas, to sent home, just before departure, july the 6th. 1920.  The card has a cancel from the Military Postoffice at Hoboken N.Y.

A pre printed postal card was sent to sponsors of the Jamboree party, telling them that the 301 scouts and 57 leadershave sailed at one o'clock on July the 6th. 1920.  It was signed by James E. West, chief scout executive.  The postal cards were canceled, Madison SQ. Station July 6th 1920

The Jamboree party Landed in Southampton, a message was wired back to the States and a postcard with the 'Old wall at Southampton' was sent to parents and friends of the Jamboree Scouts.  At the back was the message Safe in Southampton, happy and well, will write regularly.  Your Jamboree Scout.  The cards were sent from Madison SQ. Station, July 20, 1920 at 11 am.

The USA Jamboree Delegation used special envelopes for messages home.  This one was addressed to Mr. Edwin Eberman, Roxboro, North Carolina.  Sent from London N.D.C. July 20, 1920 at 11.15 am. only days after they had arrived in Southampton.

This ends the first part of World Jamboree Please let me know if you find it interesting Greetings to all the collectors of World Jamboree Philately.

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