Philately of the Fourth World Boy Scout Jamboree
by Sheldon S. Levy


From even a quick perusal of this article, it is clear that philately has a place in Scouting and that Scouting has made its place in philately.

It is the sincere hope of the author of this report that his readers wil have gained thereby some additional knowledge of both philately and Scouting and that others will take up a challenge to treat likewise hereafter, in written form, with the succeeding World Boy Scout Jamborees, which now number twelve in all.

The writer gratefully acknowledges that much of his research and source material was obtained from books and articles authored by Harry D. Thorsen, W. Arthur McKinney, Win Six, Gordon Entwistle, Claude Marchal, Roy Rhodes, Howard Fears, Jan Der Steen and Walter Grob-Sigrist.  In addition, special appreciation and thanks must go to various members of the Scouts on Stamps Society International and the Scout Stamps Collectors Club (England), including:  Irwin Bloomfield, Bill Bourke, Len Bowen, Russell H. Eliot, Walter Grob-Sigrist, Roy Rhodes, John D. Roake, Milton Rogers, Joseph Sakmyster, Wim Six, and Harry D. Thorsen.  Finally, especial thanks to William "Green Bar Bill" Hillcourt of National Scout Headquarters for his cooperation and courtesy.

Anyone who can supply any additional information concerning the philately of this Jamboree or who has any comments to make on any aspect of this article, is urged to contact the SOSSI Webmaster.

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