Scouts on Stamps of the World


The First Edition of SCOUTS ON STAMPS OF THE WORLD was published in 1949 by Harry D. Thorsen, Jr., then a Scoutmaster in Oak Park, Illinois.  Included were illustrations of 83 different stamps, issued by 16 countries.  Subsequent editions were published in 1955, 1964, 1968, 1973 and 1979, with Harry co-authoring each of these editions.

In 1951 Harry D. Thorsen, Jr. founded the Scouts on Stamps Society International and became its first president.  Over the years since then, more than 6,100 Scout stamp collectors have been members of the Society.

This, the 7th Edition of SCOUTS ON STAMPS OF THE WORLD includes more than 2,000 stamps from 200 issuing authorities.

While there have been disputes as to what constitutes a Scout stamp, the general rule is that the postal issue depicts, honors or commemorates the Boy Scout, Girl Scout or Girl Guides nationally or internationally; some Scouting event or activity; or some individual who has given outstanding service to Scouting.  Since the ideals of Scouting can exist only in the free world and in non communist countries, issues from communist countries are of questionable status.

The authors and editors have no desire to tell the reader what to collect, and have elected to inform the collector of the existence of all known issues.

I sincerely regret that co-author William E. Hoffmann passed away before the publication date.  Bill was a lifelong Scouter and philatelist, a Past President of SOSSI, a good friend and one whom I had the honor of appointing an Honorary Director of SOSSI.  Bill contributed greatly to this edition of SCOUTS ON STAMPS OF THE WORLD and to the two previous editions.

Each stamp is identified by its Scott Catalog number, unless otherwise indicated.

The authors and editors of SCOUTS ON STAMPS OF THE WORLD wish to acknowledge their sincere appreciation to all members of SOSSI who have contributed material and suggestions in the production of this edition.

William Parkin, Past President, SOSSI

June 1986

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