Scouts on Stamps of the World

July 25, 1956
2nd Pan-Arab Jamboree
  Scott Michel   quantity
10m + 10m B13 490   134,813
20m + 10m B14 491   134,129
35m + 15m B15 492   131,522
2 values B15a Bl 8 souvenir sheet (*) 1,037
Designer: Sadek Rafel, executed by Samir Amin Ibraham
Printer: Survey Department
Process: photo
Perforations: 13½ x 13

(1)  valid for postage until July 24, 1957

(2)  one set of souvenir sheets, perforate and imperforate, was sold with each purchase of 200 sets of stamps

Egypt 1956 #B13 Egypt 1956 #B14 Egypt 1956 #B15 Egypt 1956 #B15a

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