Scouts on Stamps of the World

August 1, 1972
60th Anniversary of the Barbados Boy Scouts and the 4th Caribbean Jamboree
  Scott Michel
5c 372 341
15c 373 342
25c 374 343
50c 375 344
Designer: #372-74 - Major Lawrence Quintyne of the Barbados Scout Association
  #375 - Mrs. Caroline Barrow, wife of the Prime Minister of Barbados
  final designs by Gordon Drummond
Printer: Questa
Process: litho
Panes: 25 stamps
Perforations: 14
Watermark: C A block
Barbados 1972 #372 Barbados 1972 #373 Barbados 1972 #374 Barbados 1972 #375

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