50 Years of Scouts on US Stamps Header
40th Anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America
and the 2nd National Scout Jamboree

This stamp design shows a Boy Scout, a Cub Scout, and an Explorer with the Scout Badge and the first words of the Boy Scout Oath.  The Explorer Scout shown is really not saluting, he is only shielding his eyes with his left hand.  An actual scout salute is with the right hand and with the three fingers extended.  The opening day of this Valley Forge Jamboree, June 30, 1950 was also the first day of issue.


The word "jamboree" has meant a great broadening experience of living together for hundreds of thousands of youth and adult Scout leaders during Scouting's history. Originally, the word meant, "...a carousel, any noisy merrymaking."  But Lord Baden-Powell liked the word, and it has since come to mean any national or international gathering of Scouts.

This is an online version of an original philatelic display
by Keith Larson, ©1998

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