50 Years of Scouts on US Stamps Header
50th Anniversary of Scouting
in the United States

This stamp was issued on February 8, 1960 on the 50th Anniversary of Boy Scouts in the U.S.  The stamp was also used on cachets such as for the National Jamboree held later that year in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


This Scout is seen giving the Scout sign, signifying his membership in the world brotherhood of Scouting.  The three extended fingers represent the three parts of the Scout Oath, while the other two fingers show the bond that ties all Scouts together.  The sign is always given with the right hand, and is used in repeating the Scout oath. Both Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts use the Scout sign.

Norman Rockwell, illustrator for 65 years for the Boy Scouts, designed this stamp. As was his practice, a real Scout, Thornton Percival of Massachusetts was the model.

This is an online version of an original philatelic display
by Keith Larson, ©1998

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