1924 World Jamboree


Jamboree Label
Jamboree Label

The Second World Jamboree took place in Denmark, and was cut into two periods.  The first period from 10 - 17 August there was a camp at Ermelunde, not far from Copenhagen.  The British contingent arrived in the TSS Baltara.

TSS Baltara

Even though there was a special Jamboree Post office at the Jamboree, situated in a tent, no special cancels have been used for the Jamboree.  All mail from the Jamboree was sent to the nearest Post office at Gjentofte, to be canceled there.  This makes it very difficult to recognize mail sent from the Jamboree.


Drummer Reverse

Mail from the Jamboree must have a Gjentofte cancellation and it must either be recognizable by it's text or it must be a Jamboree Postcard to show that it was sent from the Jamboree.  This Jamboree postcard was sent from the Jamboree on August the 9th to Budapest in Hungary.  Unfortunately the postal employee missed the card with the canceller, which is a pity but still a nice item for a collection.

Jamboree Cover

A letter sent from the Jamboree to Sweden, canceled Gjentofte, so cancelled in the right period for being a possible Jamboree item. (it might just as well be from someone that lives in Village of Gjentofte).

Jamboree Letter

Luckily the letter is still inside, parts of the letter are: Ermelunde august 12 1924 dear parents I arrived here on Sunday, 3 o'clock and all is well.  We have a lot to do with tents and many other things..... I have visited all the camps like the Indians, the Japanese, the Scottish, the Egyptians, amongst others...... This evening I am on guard.... will stay in the camp until Sunday.  All in all a nice letter sent from the Jamboree.

Visitors Day Postcard Message Side

This Postcard was sent on August the 13th, showing a visitors day at the Jamboree, the text reads (amongst other) I have been at the Jamboree every day from morning to evening and as you can see this is what it looks like at visiting hours.  The cancel reads: Gjentofte

Hospitality Stay Letter

For a week the scouts stayed at the camp at Ermelunde, on Sunday the 17th they moved to Copenhagen itself where the scouts stayed at private homes.  Mail from this second part of the Jamboree is even more difficult to find than that of the first part.  The above postcard was sent from Copenhagen on August the 18th but it was written several days earlier.  some parts of the message: Dear Mother and Dad, I haven't had any time to write during this competition week..... Next week we stay in Danish home.  1 scout to a home.  Hope I get a good one.... All the scouts are wonderful friends some radical papers in Copenhagen has been printing stories about riots between Japan scouts and us.  However it is all all bull.

Tivoli Tivoli Text

On August 21 a big feast took place at Tivoli for all the scouts and guest families to close the jamboree.  This postcard was specially designed for the closing activities.  This one was cancelled on August the 22nd and sent to London, with the message Leaving tonight ....

over 4,500 scouts participated in this Jamboree they came from 33 countries.  During the first week of the Jamboree there was a mail flow of 25,163 outgoing and 14,238 incoming items.

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