Philately of the Fourth World Boy Scout Jamboree
by Sheldon S. Levy


A. The Jamboree Postmark

k Cancel All mail, both surface and airmail, leaving the Jamboree post office during the official period of its operation in connection with the Jamboree received a special, black-inked, circular, handstamped cancellation.  It is also known that the same cancel was used on mail leaving the Jamboree site in July, before the official opening of the camp, and in August, after its actual close.

The said postmark incorporates the word "Gödöllő", circularly above the double lined and centered date mark, and the inscription "IV Jamboree", circularly below.  Centered above the date line appears a small replica of the St. Stephen Crown with its markedly bent cross, while centered below the date line can be found letters, in lower case type, running from "a" through "m".  No connection, however, has been discovered between these various letters and the known dates of their use.  Most likely, they were used on thirteen different Jamboree handstamps employed by different clerks or at different times at the camp post office and sub- stations.

Camp Book

(Two pertinent pages from the Jamboree Camp Book, given to each participant)

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