Philately of the Fourth World Boy Scout Jamboree
by Sheldon S. Levy


A. First Day Covers

The first day of issue is, of course, known to be July 10, 1933, but a First Day Cover of this issue is extremely rare since the Jamboree camp was not yet opened and since collectors were not as eager for first day covers then as today.

FDC FDC Backcancel

Hitherto unknown FDC, showing probably unauthorized first use of Jamboree postmark and registration label, before camp opening.  Backstamp - July 12, 1933 - appearing in inset, attests to authenticity of cover and its date.

B. The Registered Covers

Registered Cover

Among the vast variety of covers and cards mailed in connection with the Fourth World Jamboree, perhaps, the most interesting, because of their indisputable actual philatelic use, are the registered covers

containing the special, numbered Jamboree registration labels.  All of these registered covers are or should be backstamped (or frontstamped) at the place of destination as proof of their authenticity.  The registration label itself Registration Label contains the not unusual large letter "R" and the word "Ajanlott" (meaning registered) in vertical format at its left side in orange-red type, while the balance of the white label, bordered in orange-red, revels the legend "Gödöllő/IV. Jamboree" in two lines and a number centered below, all in green type.

There is no discernible order in the numbers on the labels as compared with the dates of the covers.  High numbered labels often precede by date of use lower numbered labels and visa versa.  In addition, labels with duplicate numbers, but postmarked on different dates, are known, Since, however, all labels are perforated, the explanation for the foregoing is obvious.  At least two full sheets of labels, with numbers running from 1 to 1,000 were in use at the Jamboree camp post offices and the clerks, in the rush of business, pulled the labels from such sheets indiscriminately and without regard to any numerical order.  Moreover, the sheets were probably separated initially to some extent for use by different postal clerks at the same time.

All registered covers contain the Jamboree postmark, and those flown by the special Scout air mail service (see detailed description later) also show one of the Jamboree air mail cachets and often a postmark designating the arrival of the missive at Mátyásföld airport.

Reg #10
(From the collection of Wim Six)

An especially interesting type of registered cover is known, which was mailed to Recife, Brazil, and which, after passing through the Jamboree post, was carried overseas by the Graf Zeppelin.

C. Specially Autographed Cover

There also exists at least one Jamboree cover which contains, on its rear, the signatures of the four pilots who flew the special Jamboree air mail service between the Mátyásföld airport and Gödöllő.  One signature, the one at the lower right of the four, is identified as the crack Hungarian aviator, Frigyes Uefty, but none of the others have, as yet, been identified.  Anyone able to give any information with respect to any of the others should contact the author.

Pilot Autographed Card

Pilot Autographs

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