Philately of the Fourth World Boy Scout Jamboree
by Sheldon S. Levy


Just as a large variety of envelopes were mailed from the Jamboree post office, using one, a few or the complete set of the Jamboree stamps, so too were a number of different Scout picture post cards similarly mailed.  Some of these cards were produced privately, especially for the Gödöllő Jamboree; others appear to be Boy Scout post cards of a general nature pressed into postal service at the Jamboree by Boy Scout participants; while others were specially authorized by the Hungarian Boy Scout Association either for general use or specifically for the Jamboree and were sold at special booths set up at the Jamboree for that purpose.

Some of the post cards were sent by ordinary surface mail with the minimum postage, others were registered with a full set of the Jamboree stamps and contain the camp registration label, and still others were flown by the special Scout air service and were handstamped with one of the Jamboree air mail cachets.

Among the known picture post cards, printed under the auspices of the Magyar Cserkeszszovetseg - Hungarian Boy Scout Association - or the Scout Shop of Budapest and used at the Jamboree, are the following:


A set of indeterminate number, showing reproductions of 1927 pastel portrait sketches by Hungarian Scout artist, Márton, of Boy Scouts of various nationalities in full uniform.  All multicolored on white stock.

At least the following are known to exist and to have been used:

(a) Danish Boy Scout

(b) Scottish Boy Scout

(c) Swedish Boy Scout

(d) Norwegian Boy Scout


Another apparent set of indeterminate number, also all drawn by Márton, showing Scouts engaged in various camp activities.  All multicolored on white stock.

At least the following are known to exist and to have been used:

(a) Scout sitting in grass, singing and playing a mandolin.

(b) Two Scouts and dog running on ground while another Scout flies in a glider above them.

(c) Scout sitting in grass in front of tent and dreaming of various succulent foods also pictured.

Danish Boy Scout
Scottish Boy Scout
Swedish Boy Scout
Norwegian Boy Scout
Scout Playing a Mandolin
Scout Flies in a Glider
Dreaming of Food


Two Scouts, wearing cooks' hats, behind kitchen counter.  One Scout is moving a large pot, while the other tends a boiling pot (of soup?).  The line drawing covers only the upper third of the card, leaving extra space for an additional message.  Artist - Márton. Blue on buff stock.


Scout playing musical instrument with St. Stephen's Cross in background.  Reproduction of 1925 portrait by Márton.  Black on white stock.

In addition, among the other known privately printed or used picture post cards, mailed at the event are the following:


Two Scouts, one holding a flag, the other holding his hat.  Reproduction of a painting entitled "The Flag of the Sentry".  Multicolor on white stock.


Two scenes of Gödöllő palace and park attached by fancy lettering spelling "Jamboree 1933".  Artist - Szilasi.  Red and black on buff stock.


Scout atop globe showing Gödöllő location with leaping stag in background.  Artist - Szilasi.  Red and black on buff stock.


Four Scouts holding flags, led by another holding a bugle, marching out of a photograph of the Royal Gödöllő Palace and Park.  The wording "JAMBOREE 1933/ GÖDÖLLŐ HUNGARY" also appears on the face of the card.  Sepia on white stock.


Scout holding flag of Japan and saluting ancient warrior on horse - Japanese writing.  Produced by Japanese contingent at Jamboree.  Multicolor on white stock.

Two Scouts, Wearing Cooks' Hats
Scout Musician
Flag of the Sentry
Two scenes of Gödöllő Palace
Scout Atop Globe
Four Scouts Marching from Royal Palace
Japanese Contingent Postcard

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