Scouts on Stamps of the World

Scout Personalities On Stamps, second edition, 1973, S. K. Hunter

Scout Issues of the Trucial States, SOSSI Journal Supplement, H. J. Kaplan

Trucial States Stamp Catalog, Minkus 1974-75

Official Trucial States Stamp Catalog, 1976 Edition, Carus

'Bulletin', Scout Stamp Collectors Club, England

'Journal', Scouts On Stamps Society International, U.S.A.

Minkus New World Wide Postage Stamp Catalog

Scott's Standard Postage Stamp Catalog

Handbook of Scout Stamps of S. & SE., Arabia and Kuwait, Pollet & van Hille, 1984

Scouts On Stamps of the World, Thorsen, Hoffmann, Kaplan - 6th Edition

Scouts On Stamps, Check List, Robert C. Nugent

Catalogo dei Francobolli Scout, Parts I, II, III, IV and 1980-83 Supplement

Scott's Stamp Monthly with Chronicle of New Issues

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