Scouts on Stamps of the World

December 1, 1982
  Scott Michel Minkus overprint
15c on 2c 558a 876 M886 Baden-Powell 1857-1982
15c on 2c 558b 877 M887 Scout Movement 1907-1982
15c on 2c 558c 878 M888 1907-1982
15c on 2c 558d 879 M889 1857-1982
15c on 2c 558e 880 M890 1982
Overprint: red on #464a-e

(1)  differing opinion as to status of this issue, see note

Guyana 1982 #558a&b Guyana 1982 #558c-e
Guyana 1982 #558

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