Russian DP Camp Scout Mail
R. Polchaninoff

Russian Boy Scouting was founded in 1909, and Girl Scouting in 1914.  It remained active among overseas exile groups following the Russian Revolution in 1917.  After World War II, many Russian Scouts were located in refugee camps in West Germany.  A camp post was set up under direction of R. Polchaninoff.

The most active unit of the Russian Scouts-in-exile is in New York.  Other units are located in Chicago and Los Angeles.  The Leave SOSSI Site National Organization of Russian Scouts (N.O.R.S.) has been a principle agent in helping to restore the Scouting movement in Russia since the fall of the USSR.

The following is a list of camp post stamps issued by Russian Boy Scouts.

Value Design Color Perf Quantity

1946 - Monchehof Displaced Persons Camp, West Germany. were used by all inhabitants of camps under the direction of UNRRA Team 505.  were the only Russian Scout stamps used in Monchehof for postal service.

12pf Church blue imperf 196
24pf Easter egg blue imperf 196
12pf Scout badge rose imperf 2394
24pf Scout badge rose imperf 2394
50pf Postage due rose imperf 330
12pf Bogan Chmielnicki green, watermark UL to LR imperf 6128
12pf Bogan Chmielnicki green, watermark UR to LL imperf ?

1949 - Used for delivery postal service to home as there was no regular mail service.

2/84pf Kremlin carmine imperf 400
5/24pf Suvorov gray imperf 136
8/24pf Suvorov yellow imperf 280

1950 - Feldmoching, West Germany.  Used for postal service for Boy Scouts as postal service was then being organized.

12pf Bogan Chmielnicki green perf 800
2/84 Kremlin carmine perf 400
8/24 Suvorov yellow perf 120
5/24 Suvorov gray perf 96
none Tent by forest black imperf 500
none Scout climbing black imperf 500
5/18 Peter the Great carmine/
thin paper
18pf Peter the Great carmine perf
48pf Pushkin carmine
violet ovpt 8.7.1950
5/18 Peter the Great carmine perf 660
10/12pf Bogdan Chmielnicki green perf 400
20/48pf Pushkin carmine black ovpt 7 November perf 600
50/5/18pf Peter the Great carmine imperf 600
60/24pf Suvorov blue imperf 600
80/48pf Pushkin green    violet ovpt imperf 600
20/48pf Pushkin carmine imperf 200
48pf Pushkin carmine black ovpt VII Jamboree perf 600
24pf Suvorov blue imperf 1200
48pf Pushkin green perf
5/18pf Peter the Great carmine chalky paper perf
18pf Peter the Great carmine chalky paper perf
24pf Suvorov blue    chalky paper imperf 120
48pf Pushkin green chalky paper perf

After emigration, Russian Boy Scouts also issued stamps in New York beginning in 1952 only on Easter and Christmas Holy days.

For more information:
Leave SOSSI Site National Organisation of Russian Scouts (N.O.R.S.)

SOSSI Journal, VOL XIV, No. 3, March 1964
Modified by Keith Larson, 1999