What's New on SOSSI Website

January 2011

•  Collect Scouts on Stamps, A Century of Stamp Collecting 1900 - 2000, An Album for Beginners by Dr. Terrence H. Dunn, Editor.

June 2010

•  View and Order the four USA Celebrate Scouting FDCs being prepared for sale at the National Jamboree on July 27, 2010.

August 2009

•  Scouts on Stamps, BSA Stamp Collecting Merit Badge  a viewgraph presentation by Gordon R. "Rock" Knutson; teaching stamp collecting and demonstrating the merit badge requirements by using Scout stamps, circa 1994.

July 2009

•  SOSSI Exhibits  Scouting in Colorado by Lawrence E. Clay has been added to the SOSSI Online Exhibit collection.

June 2009

•  Lighter Than Air  by Douglas J. Uzakewicz.  Published in the SOSSI Journal, Volume 44 Number 3 Pages 12 and 13 (May/June 1995).

•  Scout Zeppelin Mail Revisited  by Douglas J. Uzakewicz.  Published in the SOSSI Journal, Volume 45 Number 3 Pages 12 and 13 (May/June 1996).

•  Scout Related Zeppelins.  Web page of images.

•  Aeroscout Philately, by Douglas J. Uzakewicz, exhibited at World Columbian Stamp Expo 1992.

May 2009

•  World Scouting - Its Path to Success  Hallvard Slettebø's Large Gold Metal exhibit, awarded at China 2009 World Stamp Exhibition.

April 2009

•  Aspects of Modern Scout Postal History  Hallvard Slettebø's presentation at the Washington 2006 Stamp Exhibition SOSSI Meeting is now on the website.

March 2009

•  SOSSI Exhibits  Scouting for Boys by Frederick J. Osgood has been added to the SOSSI Online Exhibit collection.

•  Floyd V. Steutel-Dean's Girl Scout Cachets (October 1965) is now available online.

February 2009

•  SOSSI Exhibits  Thanks to our Historian, Richard Grosshans, who has encouraged collectors to send him copies of their Scout Stamp exhibit for many years, we have taken over a dozen Scout Stamp exhibits and prepared them for viewing on the web.  Our thanks to our exhibitors: Glenn Moss, J. Alex Hadden, William E. Jones, Dr. Joan B. Grady, Keith Larson, Charles F. Schafstall, Frederick Oppinger, Richard F. Thill, Tony O. Manson, James E. Byrne, Carl F. Schauer, Robert F. Kan, Peter J. Duck, J. Ben Adams, and R. S. Frank.

•  SOSSI Presentations  Alex Hadden has made available two of his Scout stamp presentations.  One is "The History of Scouting", the story of Scouting illustrated with Scout Stamps.  The other, "Personalized Scout Stamps", was presented at the Washington 2006 Stamp Exhibition.

•  From, To and Through  See color images and additional material from Thomas Gates' new Journal column.

December 2008

•  2009 Membership Renewal Information.

November 2008

•  Find the Information you need to attend the 2009 Annual Convention at SANDICAL, January 16-18, 2009.

September 2008

•  Modified website to be compatible with Chrome, Google's new Browser.

August 2008

•  Dennis Shield's 700 page book, Worldwide Scouting on Stamps is now available online for SOSSI members only.

July 2008

•  Tony Manson's Canadian Boy Scout & Girl Guide Philatelic Catalog is now available for sale.

June 2008

•  Paul Toneman's 500 page book, Scouts on Stamps: A Checklist (through 2000) is now available online for SOSSI members only.
SCOUT92 is an early version of the list from December 1991.

April 2008

•  Robert C. Nugent's Scout Stamp Checklist (to Sept 1979) is now available online.

June 2007

•  Levy's Boy & Girl Scout Cachet Covers of the United States, Volume I & II, 1910 - 1960, 2nd Edition by Jay L. Rogers has been published.  Visit the home of the new Levy Catalog.

January 2007

•  A new website for the International Federation of Scout and Guide Stamp Collecting Organizations (IFSCO) is now available.

December 2006

•  Announcing the Opening of  sossi.mobi  The First Stamp Website designed for Mobile Devices.

November 2006

•  New Scout and Guide Issues 2007  See our growing list of countries and details on the stamps commemorating 100 Years of the Scouting Movement!

•  James Stewart  Our latest edition of this famous Scouter on Stamps.  The USPS has selected James for the 2007 Legends of Hollywood issue.

October 2006

•  Jamboree on the Air / Jamboree on the Internet  Collect our special commemorative QSO.

•  Classics Corner - For The Record  Don't miss this For the Record update with over 150 images which compliment the long running Classics Corner column in the SOSSI Journal.

September 2006

•  Scout Philately: A Many-Faceted Hobby  This presentation was given at Royal 2006 Royale, the 78th National Stamp Exhibition of the Royal Philatelic Society of Canada on October 1, 2006.

July 2006

•  Modified website to be compatible with MS Internet Explorer 7.

June 2006

•  The Covers of the seven volumes of the 2007 Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue Honor Scouting's 100th Anniversary.

•  The William E. Jones Merit Badges for Boy Scout Eagle Award Exhibit added to the website.  Ten frames.

April 2006

•  The Howard J. Kaplan Scouts on Stamps Collection added to the website.  Over 3,500 pages!

March 2006

•  Updated the SOSSI Constitution and the List of Officers as a result of the recently completed voting.

•  Removed old What's New at the SOSSI Website pages.

•  Installed Google as SOSSI site Search engine.

February 2006

•  Replaced Anonymous File Transfer Protocol (FTP) with Password FTP.  When you send files to the Journal Editor, contact him for Login instructions.