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Romania from 1931 to 1935 issued five sets of stamps all honoring Scouts, their King Carol II in Scout uniform as well as Prince Michael, then a Scout.  Some of these stamps shown here are most interesting because they cover a tenderfoot investiture and a good turn, in addition to stalking, signaling, cooking, camping and Scout insignia.  Once found in every dealer's stock years ago, they are more difficult to locate now whether mint, used, or "on cover."  The amount following the plus (+) sign was added to postage for support of Romanian Scouting.  A national Jamboree had overprinted "Mamaia 1934" and a crest upon the 1932 issue.  Images of Sea Scouting [#B52] and Girl Scouting [#B54] were included in a set of five stamps in 1935.

Romania B50
# B50
Romania B51
# B51
Romania B53
# B52
Romania B52
# B53
Romania B54
# B54

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