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World Jamboree Registered Mail

This site will present Registered mail sent from World Jamborees, starting with the first Jamboree that issued a special Jamboree cancel.  Please feel free to if you have any questions regarding this website.  Pictures from this site may not be reproduced they are property of the author. and liable to copyright.  Please click on the blue lined thumbnail pictures to get enlargements.

1920 & 1924

Old Deer Park

We all know that the First World Jamboree took place at Olympia Hall and the Jamboree campsite was located at Old Deer Park, Richmond Surrey.  As far as I know, no registered items were sent from this campsite.

The Second World Jamboree took place at Ermelunde near Copenhagen.  78 registered letters were recorded coming in to the Jamboree but I have no records of any being sent from the Camp.


Birkenhead UK The Third World Jamboree at Birkenhead near Liverpool in England produced the first Registered material with a special Jamboree label.  The purple 59 on the label stands for the Jamboree post office.  I do not know when the post office first opened it's doors but the earliest known registered items were sent on July 29th with label number 11. Arrowe Park Jamboree PC  The labels were issued in sheets of 100 labels.  Since low Jamboree registration numbers reappear near the close of the event, it is believed that two sheets have been used.  The latest registered item known to be sent from the Jamboree was sent with label number 15 on August 17.  The majority of the registered items were sent on the opening day of the Jamboree August the 1st.  Shown on this site is a colored Jamboree postcard that was sent on July 31 from the Jamboree to Bristol with Jamboree label number 18.  In total approximately 120 items were sent from the Jamboree of which 32 are listed to be with collectors today.


1933 Registered Cover #288 The 4th World Jamboree was a real feast for Scout collectors in those days as well as today.  Loads of special cancellations, cachets, labels, seals, and plenty of 1933 Registered Cover #919 registered covers and postcards were sent from the Jamboree.  The labels were issued in sheets of 1,000 labels, three sheets were in use at several Jamboree post offices.  Pictured on this site are two covers which were sent from the Jamboree.  The first was sent from the Jamboree HQ on July 30th a few days before the Jamboree started (August 1st).  The second one with label number 919 was sent to Holland on August 14.  It was sent by airmail (brown cachet) and the canceller has the letter 'k'.  So far it is believed that approximately 1250 items were sent from the Jamboree of which at least 450 are recorded to be still around.


1937 Registered Cover #165 Two Rolls of registration labels were issued for the 1937 World Jamboree that took place at Vogelenzang near Haarlem in Holland.  The rolls should have been the same, but a small misprint in the letter M from Jamboree resulted in a small white square, so that the different rolls can be 1937 Registered Cover #207 distinguished.  The two types are known as ordinary M (type I) and broken M (type II).  There were 1,000 labels on a roll.  In total 1012 registered items were sent from the camp, of which 122 items have been recorded in collections so far 72 type I and 50 type II.  R-165 (type I) was sent from the Jamboree on August 2nd with all 4 Jamboree cancels.  R-207 (type II) was sent on August 7th with cancel number 2 on a Jamboree propaganda envelope.  Usually Jamboree registered mail from 1937 will have a Jamboree cancel with either the figure 1 or 2.  This is because these cancels were hand cancels.  They were located at the Jamboree Post offices counters.


1947 Registered Cover #465 The 6th World Jamboree should have been held in France but due to WWII this was delayed until August 1947.  Special registration label were available for this Jamboree, they were normal R-labels produced in sheets of 1,000.  There was no town name on the labels instead the Jamboree's post offices name cancel was used on the labels it reads "Jamboree de la Paix France".  It looks like approximately 600 items were sent from the Jamboree but I have only been able to trace 7 of them.  Shown is an envelope sent on August 17, with label number 465.


The 7th World Jamboree was held in Bad Ischl in Austria. 1951 Registered Cover #503 1951 Registered Cover #271 Plenty of registered mail was sent from this camp still they are not so easy to find.  Registered mail received a Bad Ischl registration label from a roll.  There were 1,000 labels in a roll.  The labels were not special Jamboree issues.  The mail was canceled with the rectangle Jamboree canceller either in purple or black.  Shown are two covers sent from the Jamboree both on the opening day of the Jamboree one with label 271 the other with label 503.  It looks like more than 1,000 items were sent from the Jamboree.  Also one registered envelope is known with a label that has an 'a' behind the number ( 913a) sent from the Jamboree on August 12.


1955 Registered Cover #36 The 8th World Jamboree that took place in Niagara - on - the - Lake, Canada was 1955 Registered Cover #36 Back the first World Jamboree to be held outside Europe.  Also it is the first Jamboree that did not have a paper registration label but a red cachet.  At the Jamboree camp's post office registered mail was cancelled with a town name hand cancel.  It did not receive the Jamboree machine cancel.  Shown is registered cover number 36 sent from the Jamboree on August 24 to England.  There is also an earlier cover known, which was sent on August 20 with a machine cancel and hand cancel.  This item was probably handled at the  post office in town.  It is not so easy to estimate the total items sent from the Jamboree's post office but it will probably not be more than 60.  Only 2 items have been recorded so far.


1957 Registered Cover #477 The 9th World Jamboree went back to it's roots, it took place in Sutton Coldfield, England.  This Jamboree produced a lot of special envelopes.  Shown are two 1957 Registered Cover #976 registered covers one produced by German Scouts the other from Nyasaland Africa. The registration label reads Sutton Coldfield J, the J stands for Jamboree.  The Nyasaland cover was sent on the opening day of the Jamboree August 1st and has label number 477.  The German cover was sent on August 10th with label number 976.  In total 1,096 pieces of registered mail were sent from the Jamboree.  Maybe 50% of them may still be around.


The 10th World Jamboree went to Laguna in the Philippines.  The Philippines postal authorities issued a 1959 Registered Cover #288 set of  7 stamps 1959 Registered Cover #288and a souvenir sheet with 5 stamps in it.  Also there are loads of covers with nice cachets.  There was a special Cachet for the registered items to be sent from the camp.  It appears in black as well as purple.  Quite often they are a little blurred and not well readable.  Shown here are two samples of this very difficult to find registration.  The first one with a purple cachet sent from the Jamboree on July 18th label number 45, is back canceled with a Jamboree cancel dated 19 July 1959 Registered Cover #288 1959 Registered Cover #288 It has also on the back a Manila cancel July 20.  Both items went to Holland and were sent by a delegate from the Greek contingent.  The second envelope with the souvenir sheet was sent on July 26.  It has a handwritten 26 for the date in the registration cachet and it has registration number 128.  It is back canceled with a Jamboree canceller 26 July and Manila July 28.  Less than 140 registered items were sent from the Jamboree, so far I have only 3 recorded in collections.


1963 Registered Cover #8 1963 Registered Cover to Belgium The 11th World Jamboree took place at Marathon Greece.  For this Jamboree there were no labels or cachets.  The registration was handwritten on the registered item sent from camp.  This was done with red ink as well as blue.  The first item shown was the 8th item to be sent from camp by registered mail.  It was sent on July 25. well before the opening of the Jamboree, it went to Denmark.  The second item was sent when the camp was well on it's way.  It has registration no. 408 and it went to Belgium on August 11.  The receipt for a registered label was a small slip.  This slip was 1963 Registration Receipt for registered item number 28 which was sent to Holland.  429 registered items were sent from the camp.  A lot of those were on the first day covers with the Jamboree stamps.


1967 Registered Cover #9 1967 Registration #9 Receipt The 12th World Jamboree took place in the USA at Farragut State Park Idaho. Due to the high registration fee and probably because there was no special stamp issued for this Jamboree, there are only a few registered items from this Jamboree.  The Jamboree post office did an extremely ugly job canceling registered material.  Only the side of the canceller hit the stamps.  This cover was sent from the Jamboree to Holland.  It has a registration cachet with registration number 9.  In total 64 registered items were sent from this Jamboree.


1971 Registered Cover #3 The 13th World Jamboree took place at Asagiri Heights Japan.  There seems to have been at least 4 different types of registration labels used at different places at or near the Jamboree. 1971 Registration #3 Receipt Type I. label with Fujinomiya rubber cachet on it, with low registration numbers known are numbers between 1 and 10 (number 10 being sent on August 9.).  This label was in use at the Jamboree's main post office.  Type II. same as type I but with high label numbers starting with label 501.  This label has been used by the Jamboree's mobile post office. 1971 Registered Cover #507 1971 Registration #5 Receipt  It is not clear how many labels were used at this post office but number 512 was used on August 4. Type III. is a label with 3 Japanese characters on it making the word Fujinomiya in Japanese.  This was also in use at the Jamboree's mobile post office numbers 2 - 11 are known to be used on August 10th. 1971 Registered Cover #5  Type IV. has the handwritten town name of Kamiide and they all have low numbers.  Those seen were all posted on the day of the storm August 5.  Highest number seen has number 21.  Kamiide was a nearby town that handled the parcels sent from and to the World Jamboree.  Besides these 4 registration labels 2 different registration forms were used at the Jamboree one in plain Japanese the other in Japanese and English.  The covers shown on this page are: 1971 Registered Cover #21 Type I. label number 3 sent on August 3rd to the Netherlands.  Type II. label number 507 sent on August 2nd to Switzerland.  Type III. sent on August 10th within the Jamboree and Type IV label number 21 sent on August 5th to the USA.  Between 50 and 60 registered items have been sent from this event.


1975 Registered Postal Card #302 1975 Registration Receipt The 14th World Jamboree took place in Lillehammer, Norway but the event was hosted by all 5 Scandinavian countries.  A special Jamboree label was in use at the Jamboree post office.  Also a nice postal card and two special stamps were issued for the Jamboree.  On the right, a Jamboree postal card sent with label number 302 to the Netherlands it was sent on July 30.  The cover with label number 402 went to Denmark and was sent from the Jamboree on August 2.  In 1975 Registered Cover #402 total 522 registered items were sent during the Jamboree.


The 15th World Jamboree was supposed to be held at Omar Khayyam Camp in Iran.  However the Jamboree was cancelled because of the problems in Iran.


1983 Registered Cover #19 1983 Registration #19 Receipt The 15th World Jamboree which was held in Canada, which hosted the Jamboree for the second time, took place at Kananaskis, Alberta.  Once again the Jamboree Post office used a cachet for registered material to be send from camp.  This cachet appears in black as well as in red.  The black cachet seems to be more common, all the red 1983 Registered Cover #220 registration cachets that I have seen were set on July 6.  During the Jamboree the registered mail was cancelled with a Jamboree canceller.  On July 6, the official FD of issue of the Jamboree stamp, Registered mail from camp received a special FD cancel.  Approximately 750 pieces of registered mail were sent from this camp. 1983 Registered Cover #721 On the 1983 Registered Cover #BM3 last day of the Jamboree August 16th the post office only opened for two hours for a reason unknown to me the color of the registration cachet changed that day from black to blue.  Also 20 registered items were produced that were numbered BM 1 to BM 20.  “BM”are the initials of Barry Mann.

1987 - 1988

1987 Registered Cover #22 1988 Registration #114 The 16th World Jamboree was the first to be held in the Southern hemisphere, it was held at the Cataract Scout Park Australia.  This meant that the Jamboree could not be held in July or August, it had to be held in December / January.  So the Jamboree started on December 31.  The Jamboree Post office used blank labels for registration.  On the labels 1988 Registered Cover #114 the post office employee had to write down 16th World Jamboree or Cataract Scout Park or something similar.  Some of the registration labels are plain blank.  In total approximately 350 pieces of mail were sent by registered mail form the Jamboree.


1991 Registered Cover #133 1991 Registration Receipt The 17th Jamboree was held at Sok Cho Korea.  A special cancel was issued and there was a new one every day.  Like the Jamboree before, the post office used a blank label and the postal employee had to write down the town's name in it.  Also a large receipt in Korean and English was available.  The cover on the top left was sent from the Jamboree on August to Germany and the postcard below that was sent from the Jamboree on August 10th 1991 Registered Card #1629th to Holland.  All registered mail received a round Sok Cho cancel.  Approximately 300 pieces of mail have been sent from the Jamboree.


1995 Registered Cover #1042 1995 Registration Receipt The 18th World Jamboree took place in my own country again, it was held in Dronten the Netherlands.  The registration label used at the Jamboree might be a bit confusing.  While the Jamboree was held at a site near Dronten, the postal employee (an Official from Dronten main Post office) used a Kampen hand cancel together with a Dronten registration label.  All 1995 Registered Cover #1396 registered material had to receive a Kampen cancel, the Jamboree cancel was optional.  396 registered items were sent from the Jamboree.

1998 - 99

Registration #05098348 1999 Registration Receipt The 19th World Jamboree was held at Picarquin-Veregion Chile.  It started in 1998 and finished in 1999.  There was no registration service at any of the Jamboree post offices.  Still at least two clever Scouts managed to send registered material from the Jamboree. (a Italian and an American Scout).  The mail from the American Scout has a Rancagua cancel as well as a Jamboree cancel they were sent on January 2.  The mail from Registered Cover #1710the Italian Scout has a San Francisco de Mostazal cancel as well as a Jamboree cancel.  They were sent on December 27, the opening day.  Approximately 65 registered items have been sent, 40 by the Italian Scout and approximately 25 by the American.

2002 - 03

Registration #...27678 Registration Receipt The 20th World Jamboree, the first to be held in the 21st century took place in Thailand.  It was possible to sent registered mail from the camp.  Due to the modern registration label and the fact that registration was possible at several post offices at the campsite, it is a bit hard to figure out how many registered items were sent from the camp.  So far I have seen three different series from the Registration #...110617have registration label being: RA 3744 2416 0 TH   /  RA 4862 4006 3 TH  /  RA 4862 5610 3 TH.  They were probably used at different post offices at the Jamboree.  The second series of 4 figures are the label number. From the series 2400 I have seen labels varying from 2416 up to 2767.  From the series 4000 I have seen labels varying from 4006 up to 4151.  From the last series 5600 I only have one report being 5610.  So far I think that maybe some 750 registered items have been send from the camp.

Well this ends my report on the Jamboree's registered mail. Hope that this all might have been of interest to you.  Need to know more?  Want to help me with additional information?  Did you note any mistakes in the information that I provided?  Please don't hesitate to contact me!!