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The exhibit also shows material from other World Scout Jamborees (WJ) and other material particularly interesting to the Scout Stamp Collector:

1937 WJ Netherlands Hindenburg ‘crash cover’ (the attention grabber on the title page)
1937 WJ Netherlands incoming cover, postage due and paid (page 16)
1947 WJ France artist proof of unissued value, before rate revision (page 12)
1951 WJ Austria black proof (page 12)
1957 WJ England coil application by machine; ‘poached egg’ test cover (page 10)
1983 WJ Canada double perforation freak (page 7)

1932 Romania set on registered cover (page 17)
1934 Romania gold overprint proof (page 10)
1944 Poland 'Warsaw Uprising' cover (page 3)
1944 New Zealand censor cover (page 6)
1949 Japan mihon (page 15)
1957 Belgium imperforate pair (page 8)
1959 New Zealand soft die proof impression in black (page 12)
1959 New Zealand imperforate block of four, probable plate proof (page 6)
1961 Colombia unissued value essay (page 16)
1962 Portugal imperforate with black color inverted (page 13)
1965 Ryukyu mihon in imprint position (page 3)
1977 Thailand proof imperforate block of four, black color missing (page 13)
1985 Germany double printing of dark green color error (page 14)


  • "Stamp Collecting" merit badge book published by the Boy Scouts of America, any printing during the last several decades prior to the 1993 revision
  • "Philately of the Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902" by Stephen G. Rich, Chambers Publishing Company, 1943
  • Catalogue: Maria de La Queillerie Collection of Cape of Good Hope, Harmers, London, May 18-19,1970
  • Siam postal card as discussed and pictured in Thai Times, April 1978, page 7
  • Pitterman Categories of Czech Scout Mail, by Ing. Pavel Pitterman, Zpravodaj Journal of Czech Philately, No. 44, March 1991
  • "The Czech Scout Official Mail Delivery Service of 1918" by Ivo Kvasnicka, The American Philatelist, January 1969
  • "Scout Field Post in the Warsaw Uprising of 1944" by Thaddeus Gryzewski, booklet published by Polonus Philatelic Society
  • "Scouts on Stamps" A Checklist, 1993 edition by Paul Toneman, published by Paul's Stamps, Moraga, CA
  • "Scouts on Stamps of the World" by Howard Kaplan and William Hoffmann, 7th Edition (1986), published by Scouts on Stamps Society International

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