Colorado Boy Scout Air Mails
Jack Cozack

The Denver Area Council held it's Council Camporee at Buckley Air National Guard Base in Aurora, Colorado from 24-26 September 1999.  Over 17,000 Scouts and leaders attended.  I designed a special event cancellation with the United States Post Office for September 25th and my Boy Scout Troop helped out.  We had a post office, and sold covers (2 color cachets) for $1 each.

Buckley Air National Guard Base
Full Color Event Patch Cachet

The Scouts put their name, troop number, and District on the cover.  Then we took all the mail and flew it on an F-16 fighter jet and a Medical Evacuation helicopter.  Scouts helped deliver the mail from the flight line to the post office.  When the covers returned to the post office, my Scouts sorted the mail by district and then two Scouts went and delivered it to the campsites.  Four special color cachets exist.

Launch the Millennium
Camporee Theme Cachet - "Launch the Millennium"

The cancel design shows the F-15 jet with a fleur-de-lis on the wing.  Each cover received special flight markings on them including "THIS MAIL WAS DELIVERED BY A SCOUT -VIA- F16 FIGHTER JET" and "OFFICIAL SCOUT POSTAL SERVICE" plus a "SPECIAL HELICOPTER FLIGHT" mark on the back.

Special Helicopter Flight
Helicopter Flight Mark
Wood Badge Reunion Patch Cachet
Wood Badge Reunion Patch Cachet

This Order of the Arrow cachet was limited only for the people that earned the Lodge Rededication patch, with only 20 made.  This was also the only cachet with a red ink cancel.

Tamosa OA Lodge #383
Tamosa OA Lodge #383 Rededication 2 pc patch