Personalized Scout Stamps

The capabilities of computers, digital photography and printing have combined to provide postal authorities the capability to print customized stamps at special events and in post offices.  The initial personalized stamps were created by visitors to the Australia '99 World Stamp Exhibition.  Since then, Indonesia, Switzerland, Singapore and Great Britain have all announced stamp issues with se-tenant labels that can be personalized.

Continuing the personalized trend, Stamp Show 2000 in London will feature for the first time a personalized franking machine that will print digital photographs directly onto an envelope or postcard.  Only around 3,000 franks are anticipated for the initial event.

For those curious if these personalized stamps are worthy of inclusion in their collections or exhibits, if an item was issued as a stamp by a recognized government agency, and can be used for postage, then it can be used in a philatelic exhibition.

Examples of Personalized Scout Stamps