World Scout Conferences

The collection of philatelic items on the specialty topic of World Scout Conferences presents the collector with another opportunity to pull together common material into an organized theme which tells another fascinating story on a particular facet of world scouting and guiding.  World Conferences are held by the Boy Scouts (World Organization of the Scouting Movement), WAGGGS (World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts), and the International Scout and Guide Fellowship (ISGF).


How many times have you simply filed event covers into a miscellaneous shoe box, or filed them by country instead of creating an interesting historical record of such events?  The World Conference theme has a lot going for it.  There is a reasonable number of stamps and covers (not too many; not too few) researching the topic enables you to get an interesting perspective of the major decision-making events in the history of this movement.

Special contributions by Tony Manson.
Images from the collection of Hallvard Slettebø and others.
Created by Keith Larson