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Have you ever seen a portion of a souvenir sheet or deluxe sheet applied to a rather thick piece of cardboard?  Often there is some blue printing, usually in French, on the exposed piece of card stock.  On closer inspection you will see some perfins (perforated initials) punched into the stamp(s) on the sheet spelling out the word ANNULÉ.


In his book "Scouts on Stamps - A Checklist", 2001 Edition, Paul Toneman lists two Scout Souvenir Sheets as examples of this variety.  He defines them as "A copy of the issued Souvenir Sheet, with a perfin of 'ANNULÉ', affixed to the outside of the brick (bundle) of stamps sent to a dealer from an agent.  Usually comes from European agents and found on shipments of a quantity of more than 200."

Suppose a stamp agent is preparing to ship quantities of a new issue souvenir sheet or deluxe sheet to some new issue dealers.  He could count out a group of 100 or 200 and place them between two protective pieces of cardboard that are the same size as, or slightly larger than, the sheets.  On the top piece of cardboard he would glue a sample of the enclosed sheets, usually with a piece cut off the bottom to allow room for printing the quantity and type.

Annulé is a French word meaning canceled.  It is perforated through the stamp(s) in the souvenir or deluxe sheet before it is glued to the top piece of cardboard.  Presumably, this is done to avoid a possible revenue loss by insuring that this stamp would not be later removed and used for postage.  Frequently, not all the pins of each letter go completely through the stamp paper.  Thus there may be many blind perforations, where only the impression of the perforating pin is visible.  The stamp agent now has a bundle which may be safely delivered to a retail dealer or easily inventoried.

Below is a list of these top pieces of cardboard where the bundle contained Scout stamps with images when available.

Burkina Faso - December 1995 #1043-4, 2 Souvenir Sheet
Reported by Paul Toneman

Central Africa - December 1984 #Mi Bl 314, Famous Persons Gold Foil Souvenir Sheet
Famous Persons

Central Africa - July 1988 Type 2 Gold Foil Souvenir Sheet
Type 2 Souvenir Sheet

Central Africa - March 1990 #962, Souvenir Sheet

Central Africa - December 2002 #1447-50, 4 SS of 3
1447a-c 1448a-c 1450a-c, 9 Deluxe Sheets of 1
#1447 #1448 #1449 #1450
#1447a #1447b #1447c
#1448a #1448b #1448c
#1450a #1450b #1450c

Comoro Islands - March 1989 #693, Souvenir Sheet

Congo - June 1991 #875, Souvenir Sheet

Guinea - December 1991 #1178G, Souvenir Sheet

Libya - March 1982 #1012-13, Souvenir Sheet
#1012 #1013

Malagasy - February 1992 #1009, Compound or Deluxe Sheet

Mali - August 1995 #742, Souvenir Sheet
Reported by Paul Toneman

Zaire - 1997 #1479, Sheet of 4 values

Scout Bisect used like the Annulé Cards

Congo - August 1985 #735, Deluxe Sheet

SOSSI Journal, Volume 60 Number 3, May/June 2011