Worldwide Scouting on Stamps
Dennis C. Shields

Several years ago, I had the honor and pleasure of assisting the late Paul Toneman, in the editing and updating of his handbook Scouts on Stamps, A Checklist.  Paul had the dream of someday compiling a handbook that could be used by all collectors; one that could be used either on the internet or as a printed directory of Scouting stamps and that it could serve as an inventory record.  He often talked of the things he would have liked to include including color pictures.  Upon his death, I have taken up his dream and attempted to compile the most complete listing of Scouting issues that is known to this date.

This handbook attempts to list all known legitimate issues of Scouts on Stamps including local issues.  Cinderellas (which I call speculatives), Pioneer, Brigades and Error Varieties are not included.  The listing includes many known varieties such as compound sheets, collective sheets, deluxe souvenir sheets, specimens, gutter pairs varieties, postal bulletins and folders as well as postal stationery.  I have also included the flag of each nation and where known that country's national Scout emblem(s).

While I have attempted to re-organize the information as listed herein, I have used Toneman's listing as a basis and guide for a vast amount of the information which I submit.  I have researched many different catalogues pertaining to Scouting stamp issues in an attempt to obtain the most reliable information.

Please examine the sample section of Umm Al Qiwain.  Join SOSSI now, as SOSSI members have access to the entire book, Worldwide Scouting on Stamps, of over 800 pages.