Lipson's Boy Scout Postcards

Long time SOSSI member Stanley H. Lipson began saving Boy Scout postcards in the early 1950s.  As he explains in the web presentations below, he came to specialize in the cards produced by and about the Boy Scouts of America.

An early attempt to bring his specialty to the web was in 1996 at Kean University where he taught Computer Science and Mathematics.

Postcard Pages at Kean University

By 1999 he had produced a web presentation large enough to be marketed on a CD entitled A Guide To Boy Scout Postcards In The United States.  They were published by Little York Mills, Little York, New Jersey and offered over the internet.

CD Label
CD Label for Lipson's CD-Rom
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Until 2012, Dr. Lipson used a website building platform called Google Sites to develop a Boy Scout Postcards presentation.

Boy Scout Postcards presentation
Boy Scout Postcards
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These two presentations are available here, on the SOSSI website.  In 2020, SOSSI converted them to the latest version of web page implementation software in the hope of prolonging their longevity.

For a while, web auctioneer Ebay encouraged clients to write informational/instructional articles on various collectables to educate and thus expand the desirability of these items.  Although Stanley wrote a couple of these 'Guides', as they were called, they don't seem to be available on the site now.  But we do have a screenshot of part of one of them, dated 2014.

Ebay Postcard Guide Screenshot