Accessibility Features

The SOSSI website uses keyboard shortcuts for quick keyboard access to a link or form control without needing to use the mouse or tab repeatedly.  This speeds up the user's interaction with the page.  This standard is consistent with recommendations of the Leave SOSSI Site W3C Techniques for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and the Leave Site Center for Applied Special Technology.

We use the below hot key XHTML coding to set standard keyboard shortcut properties into our web pages.  The number button (or key) refers to the keys in a row above the alphabetic keys, not the number pad keys.

For Internet Explorer, Simultaneously press  Alt and a number button.  Then press ↵ Enter.

For Firefox, Simultaneously press ⇧ Shift  Alt and a number button.

If these commands do not work for you, you may need to upgrade to Internet Explorer 8 or Firefox 3.