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History of the SOSSI Web Site

At the 1997 Annual Meeting at Pacific 97 in San Francisco, President Lawrence Clay accepted an offer made by Board of Directors Chairperson R. S. Frank to initiate a SOSSI Web Site.  In late June, the internet domain name "www.sossi.org" was reserved with Internic, the US domain name registrar.  SOSSI acquired web site hosting services from a company called Slip Net. 

Member Keith Larson learned of the web site project at the US Boy Scout National Jamboree SOSSI Meeting.  Within weeks, he built a candidate site which provided much of the content and the initial look and feel of the pages.  By October 1997 a SOSSI Web Site was up and running.  Since then, on average each week over 1,500 viewers from around the world visit the SOSSI site.

Sample Early Screen Shots (Without Working Links)

October 1997   October 1998   July 2000

Technical Features
Today, the SOSSI Web site is recognized by other webmasters for our technical merit and online content. Registration and Copyright

The SOSSI Journal has been assigned the International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) #1066-6028 as part of the National Serials Data Program, Library of Congress.  Material appearing at the SOSSI Website is © SOSSI 1997- unless otherwise cited.

Press Reviews

American Philatelic SocietyAMERICAN PHILATELIST, May 1999, page 462 in THE GLASSINE SURFER, Mike Mills has these comments in "Beaches for Young Surfers"

"Perhaps the most exciting stamp collecting site for kids is the Scouts on Stamps Society International.  If people collect topically, then this is the right place for beginning collectors.  It is a big site with more than 40MB of files and lots of changing content."

Linn's Stamp News Linn's Stamp News, May 3, 1999, page 28.  William Sharpe has a description of the "Welcome Scouts" section of the SOSSI Website in: "Stamps on the Internet: Scouting Topic on the Web"

Funding of the SOSSI Web Site

SOSSI is a nonprofit organization, primarily funded by dues and the sales of items through the SOSSI Sales Service.  All these funds are needed for the preparation, publication, and mailing of the SOSSI Journal.  If you have enjoyed visiting our site we urge you to support us.

Thank you.

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