Your Invitation to Join SOSSI

Collectors from around the world are invited to join the Scouts on Stamps Society International Inc.  We are a nonprofit organization interested in the collecting and study of Scout-related stamps, cancels, covers, seals, and other philatelic items.  Our membership consists of members from all parts of the world.  Read further about What SOSSI Means to Me
Your membership in SOSSI entitles you to:

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There are two types of subscriptions with dues as part of SOSSI membership - an electronic SOSSI Journal and a printed copy of the SOSSI Journal.

The electronic membership does not include a printed copy of the Journal.  Instead, electronic members receive a link to the PDF version of the Journal on the SOSSI website.  The dues for world-wide electronic membership are $20 annually ($21.00 PayPal).

Members opting for the printed copy of the Journal pay a membership fee that varies according to the postage rates to the country where they reside.  In the U.S., printed copies of the Journal are mailed at a second class postage rate while foreign members receive the printed copy using the first class airmail rate.

Electronic Membership
Journal Provided Electronically
Paper Membership
Journal Printed and Mailed
Electronic Journal produced in color and prepared as a pdf file.
An email notice will be sent upon publication of each issue containing a link to the SOSSI website, where the full magazine can be downloaded.
Paper Journal printed in color.
Access to the electronic version is also provided.
Dues:  Journal Provided Electronically
5 Years$100.00$103.50
Junior Membership$20.00$21.00
Two year subscription for those under 18 years of age (only offered electronically)
Family Membership$25.00$26.05
Families of two or more who wish to have each name listed on the SOSSI roster (only offered electronically)
Life Membership$250.00$258.00
(only offered electronically)
Dues:  Cost varies according to the postage rates to your country
US 5 Years$125.00$129.00
Canada 5 Years$150.00$155.45
Mexico 5 Years$175.00$181.30
Rest of the World$40.00$41.95
Rest of the World 5 Years$200.00$208.45

See the Membership Application form below.  Print the form.

Application Form

Membership year begins January 1st.
Dues may be prorated when joining during the year.
Checks should be payable to: SOSSI.
Send this Application and Appropriate Membership fees to:

SOSSI Secretary
Woodrow (Woody) Brooks
498 Baldwin Road
Akron, Ohio 44312-2054 USA