Australian 8th Jamboree Flight Mail
Ernie Stermole

A flight mail was organized to commemorate the "Scouts Jamboree Flying Activities Camp" for Venture Scouts held during the Australian 8th National Jamboree in 1973.  This included for the first time "Flying for Scouts" as part of their Jamboree activity.  The Scouts went to Parafield Airfield near Adelaide, where they learned how to make a balsa wood glider and other flying activities.  Scouts were then taken on a flight which took them over the City of Adelaide and a view of the Jamboree site.

The pilot of the mail plane was Scouter Ken B. Hyde from South Australia. He flew a Piper-Cherokee, call sign "Romeo Romeo Oscar", Reg. No. PA28-140 VHRRO.  The mail was carried by Scouter Ernie Stermole from Nunawading South District and John Claxton from Warragul.  The plane took off at 12:55 pm for a flight lasting 35 minutes, circling the Jamboree area 5 times.

The flight mail was organized and carried out on Sunday, December 30th in preparation for the commencement of flying on the 31st.  The airmail envelopes carried a cachet which read in three lines, "Carried on 1st Australian Jamboree Flight" applied in black.  An air mail cachet was also applied showing an airplane in blue with "Via Air Mail" in red.  On the reverse side of the envelopes was applied in one line of black ink "Royal Aero Club of South Australia," who owned the plane.  There were 950 flight envelopes.  Of these, 11 were signed by the pilot and the two Scouters.  Another 25 were signed by the Rt. Hon. Michael Baden-Powell, grandson of Sir Robert Baden-Powell.

SOSSI Journal Volume 23, Number 3, March 1973