The Romanian 1936 Scout Set
Douglas J. Uzakewicz

Romania held their Forth National Jamboree in 1936 at Brasov from August 9-27.  This was to be the last Boy Scout Jamboree held before World War II.  A set of three stamps were issued and a special hand canceler was provided by the post office.  The surcharge assisted in funding the Jamboree.


This post card was mailed from the Jamboree on the last day franked with a single of the 3 lei Jamboree stamp and another 4 lei stamp.  They are both tied to the card with the Jamboree cancel and a second impression of the cancel is seen at the upper left of the card.  It has a receiver cancel from Bucharest on the front as well.

SOSSI JOURNAL, Vol. 46, No, 3, May/June 1997