Juliette Low
October 29, 1948
Savannah, Georgia
Cacheted First Day Covers

Thumbnail Cachet Maker
M-21Cachet Craft/BollCachet Craft/Boll
M-22W. G. CrosbyW. G. Crosby
M-23Pent ArtsPent Arts
M-24Dorothy KnappDorothy Knapp
M-26Mae WeigandMae Weigand
M-27Mae WeigandMae Weigand
M-28Mae WeigandMae Weigand
M-29Mae Weigand?Mae Weigand?
M-30designer unknowndesigner unknown

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For complete information about these first day covers, including notes about the cachet designers and suggested prices, we suggest you obtain the Mellone Cachet Catalog of FDCs of the 1940s Volume II available from Leave SOSSI site FDC Publishing