Juliette Low
October 29, 1948
Savannah, Georgia
Cacheted First Day Covers

ThumbnailCachet Maker
M-21Cachet Craft/BollCachet Craft/Boll
M-22W. G. CrosbyW. G. Crosby
M-23Pent ArtsPent Arts
M-24Dorothy KnappDorothy Knapp
M-26Mae WeigandMae Weigand
M-27Mae WeigandMae Weigand
M-28Mae WeigandMae Weigand
M-29Mae Weigand?Mae Weigand?
M-30designer unknowndesigner unknown

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The Mellone Numbers were obtained from the Mellone Cachet Catalog of FDCs which may become available from Leave SOSSI Site AFDCS