1960 US Boy Scout Stamp Errors
Sheldon S. Levy
Keith Larson

Missing Plate Number Variety

At least one full sheet of this stamp (Scott #1145) has been discovered with the plate number completely missing.  No explanation is known as to how the error occurred.

Green Arm Band Variety

Because of the mixing of gold and blue coloring on this stamp and a cross-blurring thereof, a variety of the stamp has appeared which shows the Scout's raised arm with what actually seems to be a green arm band around it.  The distinct green blur is visible just below the elbow, and across the arm.  It is known that some dealers have attempted to pass off a greenish tinge outlining the left side of the Scout's raised arm as the "arm band" variety.

Perforate Variety

These are two mint examples with perforation errors.

#1145 Vertical misperf

#1145 Horizontal misperf

SOSSI Journal Volume 12, Number 3, March 1963