4th Girl Scout Senior Roundup
John Owen

A Postal Survey of the Senior Girl Scout Round-up held at Farragut Reservation, Bayview, Idaho from July 17-26, 1965.

12,000 Girl Scouts were in attendance.
The United States Post Office set up regular equipment in a large wall tent.  Throughout the camp were located ten collection boxes.  All the mail deposited in these boxes as well as that deposited at the branch office was collected and transported to Spokane, Washington.  At the Spokane Post Office the mail was cancelled, distributed and dispatched to destinations.  Spokane is about sixty miles from Bayview, Idaho.

There were three different event cancellations for this event.  A standard Pitney-Bowes meter machine with a Bayfield, Idaho die was also used with red die.

Girl Scout Roundup Cancel
Figure 1.  Standard Pitney-Bowes Machine Cancel (black ink)

Girl Scout Roundup Cancel
Figure 2.  Handstamp (red ink)

This handstamp was used at the Roundup Branch as a money order postmarking stamp.  It was used on some covers for mail cancellation.  This handstamp was also used to back stamp return mail after the event was over.

Girl Scout Roundup Cancel/
Figure 3.  Circular Handstamp (black ink)

This handstamp with four bars was used mostly for flats and heavy letters in the Spokane Terminal Annex.

Girl Scout Roundup Cachet
Figure 4.  Cachet with Machine Cancel

There were at least three philatelic covers advertised for sale prior to the Roundup.  Souvenirs such as post cards and stationary, maps and personal mementoes have been seen with one of the cancellations applied.  A set of nine Round-up post cards were available for sale.

Girl Scout Roundup Cachet
Figure 5.  Cachet with Machine Cancel

Girl Scout Roundup Cachet
Figure 6.  Cachet with Handstamp

Girl Scout Roundup Postcard
Figure 7.  Postcard

Girl Scout Roundup Patch Design

SOSSI Journal, Volume 14, Number 12, December 1965