Thinking Day Postcard
22 February 1935
TP McDermott

Thinking Day Card
Message and address side of postcard

Machine Postmark:

PARIS 64 R.DE LOURMEL 28 II 35. 1445
      (Feb 28th, 1935 2:45 PM)

Backstamp:   PARIS - XIV AV D'ORLEANS 19A 28 II 1935

Franking:   France Scott #167, 1926 red violet 20 Centime stamp (the second [left] stamp is missing.)

Picture side of the postal card shows six young women holding hands while dancing in a circle.  Mountains are in the background with a flag on flagpole and a chalet is on the fight.  Bottom of card has the date of 22 February 1935 and is signed E. NATHAN.  On the right, partial view of a chalet.

1935 Thinking Day Card
Picture or obverse side of postcard

Reverse has printing "THE WORLD ASSOCIATION OF GIRL GUIDES AND GIRL SCOUTS".  This last word was removed first by placement of a stamp and then by it's removal from the card.  Printed in England by Emery Walker, Limited, London.

Addressed to:

Mlle (Mademoiselle) Stoyanka Kojrinarova
19 rue Dareau
Paris 14

The message/address side has the following in Blue ink:

Pershore, le 21 02-35
Chere Stoyanka,
   J'au eu de le
vrlles jrar Antilope.
fu saio que je suis en
Angletene depius le mois de
Decembre, et je m y jrlais
   Comment trouves, tu la ire
de Paris?  Vno tu souvent ma
soeur?  Est tu la bas en rapperts
avec des Eclaireuses?
   Je t'envoie une B.P.M.G.
et a l'occasion du 22 Fevrier,
Mes jrenseies tout jrarticu lieri-
ment sertraleo.       FAKIR
M Chabert c/o mirs gammon Pershore

Pershore, February 21, 1935
Dear Stoyanka,
   I am sending you
news by Antelope.
Know well that I was in
England for the month of
December as it pleases me
very much.
   How do you find life
in Paris?  Do you see my sister
often?  Are you in contact with
the French Girl Scouts?
   I am sending you a B.P.M.G.
on the occasion of 22 February,
my thoughts are particu-
larly sisterly thoughts.       FAKER.
M Chabest c/o Miss Gammon Pershore