20th World Jamboree Stamp Issues
World Jamboree 2003Thailand WJ Stamp

In commemoration of the 20th World Scout Jamboree and the country's honor as host, the Philatelic department of the Communications Authority of Thailand, has specially produced one million World Scout stamps to be sold at the price of 3 baht and 12 baht.  The stamps will be available for purchase from 28th December 2002, at post offices throughout the country, including the post offices at the Jamboree site.  The stamps were printed in panes of 20 stamps.  There are also commemorative cancels for each day of the Jamboree.

The 3 baht stamp takes inspiration from the new corporate identity of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) and shows images of Scouts from the six Regions of WOSM.  The 12 baht stamp illustrates the camp site of the 20th World Scout Jamboree 2003 located on a beautiful beach at Sattahip district, Chon Buri province.  Thailand will also produce First Day Covers, postcards and telephone cards in connection with the World Jamboree.

First Day of Issue at 20th World Jamboree Site
First Day of Issue at 20th World Jamboree Site

Stamps issued by countries and postal authorities other than the host nation have become a tradition of World Jamborees since the IV WJ of 1933.  The following countries or agencies have all announced issues for the 20th World Jamboree.

Antigua & Barbuda SS of 1 value
Antigua & Barbuda MS of 3 values
Bhutan SS of 1 value
Bhutan MS of 3 values
Congo MS of 9 values
Dominica SS of 1 value
Dominica MS of 3 values
Gambia SS
Gambia MS of 3 values
Ghana SS of 1 value
Ghana MS of 4 values
Grenada SS of 1 value
Grenada MS of 4 values
Grenada Carriacou & Petite Martinique SS of 1 value
Grenada Carriacou & Petite Martinique MS of 4 values
Guyana SS
Guyana MS of 3 values
Lesotho SS of 1 value
Lesotho MS of 4 values
Liberia SS of 1 value
Liberia MS of 4 values
Maldives SS
Maldives MS of 3 values
Micronesia SS
Micronesia MS of 3 values
Mozambique SS of 1 value
Mozambique MS of 4 values
Nevis SS of 1 value
Nevis MS of 4 values
Sierra Leone SS
Sierra Leone MS of 4 values
St. Kitts SS
St. Kitts MS of 3 values
St. Vincent SS
St. Vincent MS of 3 values
Thailand 3 baht value
Thailand 12 baht value
Tuvalu SS
Tuvalu MS of 3 values
Turks & Caicos Islands SS of 1 value
Turks & Caicos Islands MS of 4 values
Uganda SS
Uganda MS of 4 values
Zambia SS
Zambia MS of 4 values

Terms Used:
Cinderella - privately issued stamps not intended for postage
MS - Miniature Sheet or minisheet
Overprint - special print mark on postal issue
SS - souvenir sheet
Value - a single stamp of set price

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