World Jamboree Stamps
England 1957

The IX WJ was held at Sutton Coldfield, England.  Three commemorative stamps were issued to mark the Jubilee Jamboree.  They were twice the size of ordinary stamps for the time.  Sets were also overprinted for the Persian Gulf agencies of Great Britain: Bahrain, Muscat, and Qatar.

#334 #335 #336

The 2 1/2d Magenta Red stamp shows a rope coiled to make a rolling hitch surrounding the Scout badge on the left and a portrait of Queen Elizabeth on the right.  The dates 1907 and 1957 are shown in the top two corners and the words "Jubilee Jamboree" along the base of the design.

The 3d Green stamp shows the world encircled by a compass and by a ribbon carrying the dates 1907 - 1957.  It illustrates the theme that the Boy Scout Movement is one of the greatest international organizations in the world and reaches all points of the compass.  The arrowhead of the compass was adopted as the Scout badge by Lord Baden Powell because it showed the way.

The 4d Blue stamp shows swallows signifying migration.  Scouts from all over the world collecting together in the native land of the Movement for the Jamboree resemble bird migration-spreading out from, and returning to, the land of birth.  A small fleur-de-lys in the center below the Queen's portrait and the words "Jubilee Jamboree" complete the design.

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