QSL and the Jamborees
Keith Larson

Ham Radio stations set up at camporees, Jamborees, Rover Moots, and other large gatherings have become a tradition the world over.  The contact cards (QSL) with special edition postage cancels or seals have become highly prized collectors' items.

The 20th World Scout Jamboree was held from 28 December 2002-8 January 2003 - broadcasting on station E20AJ from Sattahip, Chonburi Province in Thailand.

19th World Jamboree

XR3J was a special radio amateur station at the World Scout Jamboree 1999 camp site in Chile.  The Jamboree amateur radio station used the call sign XR3J.  The XR prefix is used in Chile for special events, figure 3 shows the area 3 in Chile and the J stands for Jamboree.

Asagiri 13thWJ NORDJAMB - 14thWJ
Alberta - 15thWJ Australia - 16thWJ
Korea - 17thWJ Netherlands - 18thWJ
BSA NJ 1995 European Scout Jamboree
10th Nippon Jamboree 11th Nippon Jamboree
7th Korean Jamboree 7th Korean Jamboree
IYY Korean Jamboree 8th Korean Jamboree
1977 US Jamboree 1967 Australian Jamboree