Davaar Island Scout Local Post Issues
Keith Larson

"Sanda and Davaar are small islands off Kintyre at the south west side of Scotland.  The islands are uninhabited apart from Lighthousemen--and I hasten to confirm that the 'Local Carriage Labels' are of no postal use whatsoever.  It is a complete racket and there is absolutely no postal justification whatsoever, for their use.  I regret that there is no such thing as a postally used cover."

David C. Jefferies

Davaar Island issues are one of several Scottish Local Posts with disputed validities.  It is clearly a decision of the individual collector to bannish the Davaar Post to the cinderellas or retain it in the ranks of valid local post issues.

Hong Kong Scouts Diamond Jubilee
July 23, 1971

XIII World Jamboree
August 3, 1971

International Scout Camp
Blair Castle
July 18, 1972

European Friendship Year
International Scout Camp
Winsor 1972
August 5, 1972

SOSSI Journal, Volume 20, No. 12, December 1971