L.S. Dave Taylor
South Wellington, B.C., Canada

How many of you fellows have a hobby?  Ninety-nine out of a hundred when the word is regarded in its broadest application, but most people have hobbies without making them real hobbies at all.

One may regard almost anything as a hobby, but for all practical purposes a border line must be drawn to differentiate what we merely enjoy from what we make our hobbies.  This would exclude such pleasures-for most people-as singing, dancing, and the like, and for my part I always like to associate with the word "hobby" a collection of some kind, something that visibly grows and is augmented by the effort of the "hobbyist."  Moreover, the growth is physical, as contrasted with the development of the aesthetic.

For example; I enjoy music, and play an instrument; I am an intense lover of sports; I am fond of animals and the woods; and I invariably pass the evening hours among my books.  But when I set aside as my hobby my stamp collection, I think my point becomes more clear.  It is a sort of actual pleasure house which I am building up bit by bit,

and there is all the true architect's love in watching it grow.  The pleasure is of a different nature than that I derive from fingering my saxophone or reminiscently turning over the pages of my kodak album.

I believe this pleasure is experienced by every devotee of a hobby, whether it be breeding rabbits or gathering to one's library a lot of old books, the principle of working towards some definite objective being identical.

A true devotee, I believe, extracts from life a certain satisfaction that one who merely "likes" something never attains.  There is of course, the mental exercise, tending towards alertness, and while admittedly varied interests broaden a man's culture, there is a certain psychological value in this "thrill" which I believe has a good and entirely singular effect upon a man's character.

If you never previously given the matter serious consideration, I suggest that you try finding your hobby from your interests, and I believe that you will find it a gold mine of satisfaction.

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