U.S. Boypower Meter Slogan
Charles F. Schafstall

After digging into my research material, I found the slogan in Figure 1.  Compare it to the other slogans on this page and you will notice some differences.  The first difference is with the slogan itself.  Take a close look and compare this with Figure 2 and you will see that the last line, "Boy Scouts of America," is all capital letters only in Figure 1.

Boypower Type 1A4A Meter
Figure 1

Boypower Type 1C4A Meter
Figure 2

Now lets look at the indicia (pronounced in-dish-ah).  This is the area of the meter that contains the design, town mark, date, and postage.  The United States meter stamps are cataloged in the United States Postage Meter Stamp Catalog written and published by Joel Hawkins and Richard Stambaugh.  The catalog is available from the authors.  To receive this invaluable resource, write to Joel Hawkins, 1407 West Beck Lane, Phoenix, AZ 85023.  All meter stamps are typed according to this catalog.  It is the authoritative catalog for meter stamps.

Both Figures 1 & 2 use a "GROUP 1" meter stamp.  This is described as a "Frameless design with sitting eagle looking right, and with circular town mark at left and denomination field at right under eagle's wing."  There is a wide range of sizes of Group 1 stamps.

Specifically, Figure 1 shows a Type 1A4A, Figure 2, a Type 1C4A and Figure 3, a Type 1C5.  All 1A types have a line under "U.S. Postage."  Short wavy lines to the left of the postage value are shown on two examples here.  Also, colons of different spacing appear on two of these examples.  In other meter stamps, the "P.B." preceding the meter number may be either one or two letters high.

Boypower Type 1C5 Meter
Figure 3

SOSSI JOURNAL, Volume 45, Number 1, January/February 1996.
Updates and modifications by Keith Larson

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