Scout Meter Stamps by Country

Here is a sample of Scout meter stamps from several countries.  Over 900 Scout meter stamps are known today.  To see a catalog of all of the recorded Scout meters, visit the ArGe-SOSSI Scout and Guide Meter Stamp Catalog.

Australia Sixth Australian Ranger Gathering Yaringa 1995
Australia Girl Guides of New South Wales 1995
Australia Girl Guides of South Australia Holiday 1995
Canada Boy Scouts 1977
Denmark 25th World Scout Conference, 1975
Finland Guides and Scouts of Finland 1974
Finland 1992
France Scouts of France, 1974
France 24th W.A.G.G.G.S. World Scout Conference, 1981
Germany 30th World Scout Conference 1965
Germany Verband Christlicher 1973
Great Britain The Scout Association 1978
Great Britain Girl Guides Association 1992
Japan 11th Nippon Jamboree 1994
New Zealand World Scout Fund 1992
Sweden KFUK:s och KRUM:s Scoutforbund 1992
United States First National Jamboree 1935
United States Register and Vote 1952

Created by Keith Larson, 1998.

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