Parts of a Postage Meter Stamp

Parts of a Postage Meter
a-Margins   b-Face Value   c-Design
d-Country of Issue   e-Postmark Circle   f-Slogan

Margins: The space between the design and the edges of a metered-tape and/or between a design and the edges of an envelope, or edges of a cut.

Face Value: The various denominations (to the right in most designs) complying within a proper classification of postal rates, as set over the years on mail matter of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th classes.

Design: The entire postage meter stamp impression (with added or deleted portions thereof) that composes the invalidated payment of postage.

Country of Issue: Usually found at the right in any design.

Postmark Circle: Usually found at the left in most designs.

Slogan: Meter slogans (now known as postmark ads) are messages found to the left of many postage meter stamps.  They are used to promote public service projects, worthwhile charity or other drives or for illustration and advertising of the manufacturer's product.

Time of Mailing: The date, hour, and year of mailing, may or may not be shown within the postmark circle proper, or at the left of design.

Section Numbers: These postal inscription slugs, when used on bulk or catalog mailings, may be found in various styles of lettering.  They are found in several positions as part of a design but may be deleted from a design for the most part, when not in use.

Printing Inks: The standard colors of ink used for printing postage meter stamps are: Red, Blue, Purple, Green, Black, Orange, and Lilac.

SOSSI JOURNAL, Volume 8, Number 12, December 1959.

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