US Boy Scout Camp Postcards
Keith Larson

Here is a sampling of Boy Scout Camp postcards from the United States.  They show period camp buildings, uniforms and activities.

Boy Scout Looking For Friends
This is a very rough 1914 Official Boy Scout postcard.  View shows a boy scout looking through binoculars.  Card is titled "Boy Scout Looking For Friends".

Camp in Texas
Early BS camp from Texas in 1915.

Scout Study as Well as Play
This is a postcard that was printed by H.H. Simons in St. Louis, "Official" Boy Scout Post card 1917.  Caption is "Scout Study as Well as Play."

Learning Something Every Day
Stock BSA card penciled "Scouthaven, Freedom, NY." Mailed in 1949.

Snapshot of the Gang
Stock BSA postcard used in 1955.

Every Day Is Full of Surprises
Another stock postcard.