US Boy Scout Camp Postcards
Keith Larson

The National Supply Service, Boy Scouts of America produced a series of postcards for use by Scouts at camp in 1947.  They were available for sale and used over at least a ten year period.

Just Arrived
"Just Arrived."

Snapshot of the Gang
"Snapshot of the Gang" used in 1955.

This is the Life
"This is the Life."

Learning Something Every Day
"Learning Something Every Day" penciled "Scouthaven, Freedom, NY." Mailed in 1949.

Every Day is Full of Surprises
"Every Day is Full of Surprises!"

Our Nightlife
"Our Nightlife."

Will Write Later
"Will Write Later."

No Trouble Getting Up Here
"No Trouble Getting Up Here."

This is the Life
"This is the Life."