Collect Something Else - Historic Date Cancellations
Jay L. Rogers

New issues are easy to locate and everybody is either familiar with them or collects them.  Another approach is to purposely seek out items that are difficult to find; items no one else seems to be interested in.  You don't have to follow the pack to enjoy.

An example would be Historic Scout Date Cancels.  All you need is a plain old envelope from a dealer's "junk" box - that just happens to have been cancelled on an extraordinary day in Scouting.  You will often find these to be inexpensive, from 25 to 50 cents each.

How about a cover that was mailed and cancelled on the very date that Scouting came into existence in your country?  Other dates could include significant anniversaries, jamborees, moots, round-ups, or other events.

Here are a few historic USA dates to look for in Scouting cancels:

Chicago IL Cancel

These are just a few dates from the United States.  Every Scouting country has their own set of important dates.  Interested members are encouraged to write about their significant Scouting events and philatelic activities.  Happy hunting!

SOSSI Journal, Volume 26, Number 2, February 1977