Make Your Own Scout Stamp Album
Keith Larson

Some topical stamp collectors like to design their own unique stamp album pages to mount and store their collections.  The computer has made this task a lot easier, using a standard graphics or word processing program that can incorporate clip art.

Here are several Scout-theme page borders that can be resized to your page stock and printed.  I recommend using a laser printer on heavier paper stock for durability.  You can also use colored pencils or pens to decorate the images.  You also might want to use plastic sheet protectors to hold the pages in a 3 ring binder and guard your mounted stamps.

Collectors interested in organizing their stamps by a specific theme will find additional suggestions in our Scout Stamp Thematic Exhibits article.

Page Border 1 Page Border 2
Page Border 3 Page Border 4
Page Border 5 Page Border 6
Page Border 8 Page Border 7