Boy Scouts 50th Anniversary
February 8, 1960
Washington, DC
Cacheted First Day Covers

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M-31C. GeorgeC. George
M-32C. GeorgeC. George
M-33C. George, Jr. IIIC. George, Jr. III
M-34C. George, Jr. IIIC. George, Jr. III
M-35C. George, Jr. IIIC. George, Jr. III
M-37Hammond MaxicardHammond Maxicard
M-38Hammond MaxicardHammond Maxicard
M-39Harvard CollegeHarvard College
M-40Quinnipiac CouncilBSA
Harvard College
Quinnipiac Council

Mellone 1 to 10   Mellone 11 to 20   Mellone 21 to 30
Mellone 31 to 40   Mellone 41 to 50   Mellone 51 to 60
Mellone 61 to 70   Mellone 71 to 80   Mellone 81 to 88

The Mellone Numbers were obtained from the Mellone/Planty Cachet Catalog of FDCs which may become available from Leave SOSSI Site AFDCS